minature house


The French Room by Tiny Jewels Shop
Via Flickr:
Finally I got to take photos in the new diorama my partner made for Almas. It really brings out her queenly side, don’t you think? Almas is an Enchanted Doll by Marina Bychkova. Room by Butterfly House Jewelry by Tiny Jewels Shop Necklace: www.etsy.com/listing/108563772/endless-20s-pearls-for-msd…

So, we have the return of:

  • the deer people from Subway
  • the crates from A Story About You
  • the god of the small underground city that’s mentioned in The Man In The Tan Jacket

And now know that:

  • the deer people are somehow associated with the small underground city and their god
  • and wish to prevent the minature houses in the crates from being shipped
  • and that the minature houses are from the small underground city
  • and Cecil is now the only one that is aware these events transpired

…Year 5 is certainly going to be interesting