I keep listening to soul phrase today and got emotional.

Defense of Minato/Yukari (Persona 3)

Usually I stay quiet about these kinds of things, but some of the reasons listed were so dumb I had to speak up. And I ship Minato/Yukari, which almost no one ships due to 95% of the fandom hating Yukari.

Let’s get down to business, shall we?

-Yukari is a “bitch”

Yes, of course. The most often-stated reason for hating Yukari. Typical. The issue of whether or not Yukari is a bitch in the P3 fandom is a touchy enough subject that it should have its own trigger warning.

Let’s go through the ol’ song and dance of why Yukari is not a bitch:

Her father died when she was very young. Her mother coped with it by dating dozens of douchebag guys and generally neglecting Yukari. This made her mistrusting, and she pushed others away because she was afraid of getting hurt even more. When you go through something like that, you’re bound to come out a little pissed off. Sure, she had no right to take it out on her teammates, who had similar (and some worse) experiences. But when you’re upset, don’t you sometimes take it out on those who only want to help?

She’s also seen as a bitch because of the way she acts, mainly towards Junpei and Mitsuru. She only teases Junpei because they’re good friends, and he teases her back. As for Mitsuru, she’s suspicious of her due to the fact that her father worked at the Kirijo Group under Mitsuru’s grandfather. But this helped her to finally befriend Mitsuru when she realized they had a lot in common, especially after [SPOILER] Mitsuru’s father was killed by Ikutsuki. [/SPOILER]

Another thing is that you have to max out your Charm in order to initiate her Social Link, which many see as a reason to hate her. Let’s completely omit the fact that you have to max out your Academics to initiate Mitsuru’s and your Courage to initiate Fuuka’s (though this mainly has to do with her cooking and not her personality).


-“seems forced”

How is it forced? While it’s implied that she’s the heroine and Minato’s main love interest, that doesn’t mean you have to make it so. There’s a reason there are plenty of datable girls in P3. If you don’t want to date Yukari, don’t. It’s not like she’s in your face throughout the game, breathing down your neck and demanding that you like her. Same goes with shipping; if you don’t want to ship them, don’t. You’ve got options, so act like it. Moving on!

-Minato is better with Aigis

opinion (n): a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

With that being said, it’s stupid to hate a ship for other shipping reasons. In canon Aigis doesn’t love Minato, per say; she has a strong desire to protect him. And personally, Minato/Yukari is more similar to an actual relationship than Minato/Aigis. But that’s my opinion, right? Everyone’s entitled to their own, but that doesn’t mean it’s true, and it doesn’t give you a right to spread hate. So stop.

-Yukari doesn’t appreciate Minato

Ah, finally. The main reason that pushed me to submit this.


If Yukari didn’t appreciate Minato, then why in The Answer (aka Episode Aigis) was she jealous of Aigis because she got to be with Minato in his last moments and inherited his Persona and Wild Card ability? Why was she willing to fight her teammates in order to go back in time and stop Minato, even if it meant undoing everything S.E.E.S. had done? She wasn’t trying to cause conflict; she just wanted to see him again. Her actions and behavior altogether in The Answer are proof that she didn’t just appreciate him - she loved him. Saying that she “doesn’t appreciate him” is just…stupid. And an obvious excuse to have more reasons to hate the ship.


In conclusion: