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Shinjuku Skyscrapers by Hidehiko Sakashita


Tokyo at Dusk - Two Towers by Hidehiko Sakashita


City View with Tokyo SKYTREE by Hidehiko Sakashita

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ey u don't gotta answer this if its too personal but. when you lived overseas in japan was it just part of a regular foreign exchange thing where you went to a Japanese high school & lived with another family or did you actually /live/ there for a different reason & attend an international school? I'm asking bc I'm living in Tokyo rn bc my parents work for an embassy & I'm currently in international school. I've never really seen anyone in a similar situation except other kids in my school ffsg

i was in college, & i lived there to attend an american university. (actually if ur parents r working at an embassy you probably live close to where i did; my school was in minato-ku which is where a ton of embassies are) & i lived by myself


Minato-ku Night View (SFD) by Yasunobu Ikeda
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Camera : SIGMA sd Quattro Develop : SIGMA Photo Pro 6.4 (Taken by SFD Mode) Lens : SIGMA 70mm DG Macro

Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Aug. 2017

美術手帖の8月号にLee Kitのインタビューがあったけど、面白かった。勿論、アラーキーがメインの特集でそれ目当てで買ったんだけどね。あと、ここ最近話題の畠山直哉さんの「まっぷたつの風景」、まだ実物を見てないので何とも言えないが、評判をチラ見した限りは面白そう。その前に大竹昭子さんとの対話本の「出来事と写真」に興味が湧いて買ってみた。明日届くけど、楽しみ。今年はイマイチな夏で雨続きだから、まったり本でも読んで過ごすのも良さそうだ。盆休み明けでかなり仕事は溜っているのだけど・・・。