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Shinjuku Skyscrapers by Hidehiko Sakashita


Tokyo at Dusk - Two Towers by Hidehiko Sakashita


Minato-ku Night View (SFD) by Yasunobu Ikeda
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Warm You Up


GENRE: Fluff.. just- just fluff…



SUMMARY: In which Jinyoung is a smooth talker and you blush very easily.

A/N: LISTEN,,,, i know i haven’t written in forever and i’m so fuckin guilty lmao pls don’t unfollow i love y’all… i have so many works to be finished and posted but i just have not done it bcs i’m a piece of shit lol oops. anyway, inspired by my literal walk through the streets of Minato-Ku where i was staying in Osaka.

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The streets were vacant save for the two of you as the city of Osaka stayed blissfully asleep whilst you made your way toward your temporary 3-night home. It was a nice change from the bustling atmosphere of Seoul; streets full of a distant buzzing that never seemed to stop, lingering in the background and constantly there. It wasn’t like that out here in Minato-Ku, far enough from the city that there was barely a soul, but close enough that it only took 20 minutes to get to the nearest shopping district.

Jinyoung took a deep breath in, releasing it with a large grin up at the sky before turning to his companion, grinning at you too.

“What?” you laughed, pulling your jacket tighter around yourself as the groceries the two of you had just bought swung dangerously around in the brittle plastic bag hanging off your frigid fingers.

“This was a great idea.” was all he said, eyes sparkling with a happiness you were always too willing to give him. You were in love with your best friend, you had accepted that long ago.

You reciprocated his smile, eyes dancing around his face with a fondness you tried not to let seep into your expression before you nodded, “I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. I haven’t seen you smile like that in a while.”

Don’t get it wrong, Jinyoung loved his idol life. The fame, the fans, the noise—he never once wished for anything else. It was just that sometimes, it was nice to be able to hear his own breathing and footsteps against the sidewalk.

The silence that took over was not uncomfortable—something the two of you shared often and found great refuge in when life became just a little bit too much for you to handle. It was times like these when you felt you could really hear Jinyoung speaking; when his eyes were doing the talking and the only movements from his mouth were small quirks and twitches here and there to hint at a smile or laughter.

Passing a deserted dock, Jinyoung maneuvered his grocery bags onto one hand and grabbed onto yours, tugging you in the direction of the open water. Setting his bags onto the ground, Jinyoung went to sit with his legs dangling over the edge and you followed suit, looking out onto the water with the same feeling of peace you were feeling before.

“I love the water.” he whispered softly, the wind carrying his voice across the small space between you.

“Jinyoung, you hate the water.” you snorted, looking at him with a raised eyebrow.

“I do not!” he spluttered, groaning as giggles escaped your lips when realisation came that he was trying to be poetic.

Still, you continued, “remember the last time we went to a beach? Or a pool? Or any body of water that actually requires you to get into it? Yeah, neither do I because you constantly refuse to go.”

“Shut up that’s not true~” Jinyoung whined, pushing your shoulder gently. Laughter continued to bubble from within you and after a moment of silence, “I hate you… I was trying to be poetic.” he stated, no malice or sharpness in his voice, only a sheepish smile from being caught in a lie.

“Same though.” you murmured finally, looking back out at the expanse of water upon water, lapping rhythmically against the cement below you; calm but ever moving. “Except I’m not a fake.” you threw out jokingly making Jinyoung shove you once more.

The silence returned, accompanied by Jinyoung’s soft breathing before finally he stood up and brushed at the dirt on his pants, holding out a hand for you to take. “Come on, let’s get going.”

Just before walking away, you took one last glance at the view.

“I wish I could look at this forever. It really is gorgeous.” you sighed, unaware of the pair of eyes taking in not the sight beyond the dock, but the girl standing in front of him with the moonlight on her face and in her eyes, the girl he so desperately wants to call his own but never has the courage to do anything about it.

“Yeah. It is.” he says so breathlessly you turn to look at him, eyes expecting to meet his cheek but instead catch onto his dark irises, a heat flaring up in your cheeks.

“The view, Jinyoung.” you prompted, fighting off the smile on your face as you looked down at the ground.

Taking a leap of faith, Jinyoung stood his ground. “Yeah,” he answers, eyes never leaving your face, “my view is pretty damn great.” which turns the slight pink hue to a dark scarlet that you try fruitlessly to cover with your cold hands.

“Smooth.” is all you can say, still not looking Jinyoung in the eye and you can hear the smirk in his voice as he thanks you, happy he has that kind of effect on you.

“Come on.” he said once more, interlinking your fingers and pulling you along.

The dock wasn’t very far away from the apartment so it wasn’t long before the two of you stood outside the lobby doors, your cold fingers reaching around desperately inside your bag for the damn keys but struggling immensely due to the numbness in your hands.

“Cold?” Jinyoung asked gently, reaching for your wrist to pull your hand out of your bag after setting his bags of groceries on the floor next to where you had set yours down.

You let him take both your hands and watched with baited breath as he brought them between his own and up to his lips, his hot breath weaving between your stiff fingers and bringing some life back into them. Your heart hammered in your chest as his lips brushed your skin and you could have sworn he saw the shiver that passed through your body as you felt it.

“T-thank you.” you stammered, slightly flustered from the intimacy of the moment before trying once more to find the keys only to be stopped once again, your fingers slipping between the space of Jinyoung’s own slender ones as he pulled you closer to him.

There was a playful glint in his eyes as he watched you struggle to stay composed. “What?” you smacked yourself mentally for sounding so damned breathless. But it wasn’t something you could have done anything about because you were, as it was, struggling to breathe.

“What about your lips?” he asked finally, his gaze so intense you felt what little breath you actually had leave you in one puff.

“M- my- my lips?” you whispered in disbelief, eyes wide as saucers and honestly Jinyoung was enjoying himself.

“Yeah. Should I warm those up too?”


And then it was lips against lips and a gasp could be heard but you weren’t entirely sure if it came from you or the boy in front of you who had a hand on your waist and the other still holding onto yours. At this point you were sure your heart was gonna beat out of your chest but with the way Jinyoung was holding onto you so tight, it was as if he was holding all of you together.

Eventually, he pulled away, forehead resting against yours as you both struggled to regain your breaths.

“Are you warm now?” this time it was Jinyoung’s turn to sound breathless, his voice deep and rough from the lack of air.

“I think I could use a little more warmth.”

Yukimi-tōrō (雪見灯籠) in the garden of “Kyū Shiba Rikyū (旧芝離宮恩賜庭園)” near Hamamatsuchō Station (浜松町駅) in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan. In the center is the small island of Ukishima (浮島).


Sengaku-ji Main Gate by Rekishi no Tabi
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This is where the 47 Rōnin of Akō, along with their lord, Asano Naganori, are interred. Sengaku-ji is located in the Takanawa are of Minato-ku, Tokyo, near Shinagawa Station. Ōishi Kuranosuke was the chief retainer of the Asano clan during the turmoil associated with the 47 Rōnin incident, in which the feudal lord, Asano Naganori, attacked and wounded Kira Yoshinaka within Edo Castle. As drawing a weapon within the shogun’s castle was a capital offence, Asano was sentenced to commit seppuku the same day. As a result of Asano’s impulsive behavior, the Shogunate disbanded the Asano clan and seized their lands. Ōishi and 46 other former Asano retainers waited and unleashed their misguided revenge on Kira, attacking his home in the dead of night in December 1703, killing his body guards as well as taking his head and placing it in front of Asano’s tomb in Sengaku-ji Temple in Takanawa, Tokyo. All the Akō rōnin were sentenced to death by seppuku (harakiri). Actually, recent scholarship is saying that the rōnin may have not been allowed the honor of death by seppuku, but were actually beheaded like common criminals. The promise of the right of death by seppuku may have been a sugar-coated lie told by the shogunate to help the public more easily swallow the death sentence imposed on the Akō rōnin. Anyway, the loyalty that these guys showed to their foolish lord by committing what can only be described as what me and some of my friends refer to as a feudal “drive-by”- Japanese style, has been lauded by the Japanese public ever since. The facts behind the actual events have been buried in the countless puppet and kabuki plays as well as movies that have been made about this. I’m not a terribly big fan of Asano Naganori, nor do I think the Akō rōnin were particularly “brave” by carrying out a night attack after a party and fighting a small group of drunk bodyguards and taking the head of a feeble old man. But, this perspective is from modern, western eyes. In reality, night attacks of this nature have always been a staple of samurai warfare, being documented since the Heian period. As much as I don’t partake in the 47 Rōnin Kool Aid drinking parties, I do admit to enjoying watching a good fictional film or kabuki play about these guys.