The starting Personas just get better and better:

Persona 2 ya got this weird fire guy, kinda lame looking but more or less what you’d expect from a starter:

Then in Persona 3 you got this cutesy dude with his harp, pretty chill and again, more or less what you expect from a starter

Then Persona 4 comes along and right off the bat they give you one of the coolest looking personas in the game cause Izanagi is just rad as shit

THEN Persona 5 comes along and apparently you just get fucking Satan wearing a top hat as your initial persona

Not that I’m complaining…


Yaass they’re finally done(ish)! These were meant to be the front of two sided bookmarks I was gonna sell for Conbravo…buuuuut since they never got back to me, I guess I won’t be going this year :(. Oh well, next year done. The back still need to be made, which will have each of their corresponding Personas~