Fan Art 101

Twinkle Twinkle fucking why,

Can’t I draw the other eye?

What the fuck’s up with your nose?

Fuck those folds all in your clothes.

Twinkle Twinkle fucking shit.

Fuck this art, I’m done I quit.


[PIC/TRANS] [170311] Minhwan’s “Hot and Sweet” Talk and Screening Event report digest

  • Minhwan said that there are a lot of quarreling scenes in the drama, but since he isn’t one who gets angry easily, he would drink a bit of alcohol and practice those quarreling scenes with Seunghyun before the actual filming. 
  • Minhwan who wants to co-star with Seunghyun also said, “I have wanted to do a movie together with the 5 members from a long time ago, but.. the content is still…” The drama director who was besides him replied, “I will think about it tonight (laughs)”
  • When the director was asked why he chose Minhwan, he replied, “Because he is cool, and because I’m a fan of FTISLAND” xD 
  • Minhwan said that at first, he was afraid of the director lol
  • Minhwan said that his cooking specialty is  Dakbokkeumtang. He said he would buy one whole chicken, cook it, and eat it all, he said thats the basic lol
  • He also said that he has composed over 40 songs since last October, “I want to do solo activities too, but.. I’m still practicing my singing..” 
  • Regarding his future activities with FTISLAND, Minhwan said, “This year marks our 10th anniversary in Korea. Me and the members are feeling that it feels like things are ending if we celebrate our 10th anniversary so much, so we were saying that we will just celebrate it naturally, we won’t do anything special for it. But since its our 10th anniversary, we still want to do something special anyway, so we are going to do it (laughs). We think its better to celebrate it naturally only in our feelings.”