Should you be an minarchist or an anarchist? In some ways, this debate is pointless. Minarchists are in no position to limit the state themselves. No one has the power to centrally plan anything, much less dictate the size and scale and functions of government. Minarchists can believe what they want but the view that the state should be limited to that or that function is nonoperational in practice. Meanwhile. the anarchist position is supported by daily experience. We already live in practical anarchy, creating our own orderly worlds through our daily associations, decisions about what to buy or not, the way we navigate the online world, what we do with our days and nights, what religion if any to which we adhere, the music we like, the clothes we wear, the places we go, the things we say, whom we love. It’s all anarchy. No cops are dictating the details of how we live our lives because, in the end, the state lacks the power to do what it claims to do. Anarchism is the only realistic political position, and the only one consistent we how we actually live our lives.
—  Jeffrey Tucker
Although I wish the anarchists luck, since that’s the way we ought to be moving now. But I believe we need government to enforce the rules of the game. By prosecuting anti-trust violations, for instance. We need a government to maintain a system of courts that will uphold contracts and rule on compensation for damages. We need a government to ensure the safety of its citizens–to provide police protection. But government is failing at a lot of these things that it ought to be doing because it’s involved in so many things it shouldn't be doing.
—  Milton Friedman

I’m starting a group with a master list of all the voluntaryist, ancap, minarchist, AwA, and libertarian blogs who sign up. I hope this gets enough support to allow us all to support one another. How it’s going to work is, if you like or reblog this post, I’ll add you to the list on the group page when it is finished. I will then follow all of those who liked or reblogged, and add them to the master list. If you sign up, however, you have to have a link to the group blog somewhere on your page. This will allow anyone new to the freedom side of tumblr to find many blogs quickly. We will also have a group chat. This is mainly intended for blogs that are fairly political in nature, but if you aren’t a political blog, and want to hang out in the chat, or be a part of the group, just message me and we can work something out.

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I feel like the overpopulation myth has been spread by the environmentalist left to justify restricting human use of natural resources.

“We need laws to recognize the carbon footprint of each individual! Restrict consumption!”

you wouldn’t be far off. Ever heard of Agenda 21?

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The fed is raising interest rates and the dollar is strengthening. WHERE IS YOUR GOD (Peter Schiff) NOW!?

When you say “is raising” do you mean to imply that they already have raised interest rates? Or do you mean “are promising to one day” raise them?


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Dismantle Public Education

“The real reason our standards in education are falling isn’t because of a lack of money but a government monopoly. Learn of the libertarian alternative that could save our children.”

A great video with a lot of solid points even though it doesn’t quite nail down the concepts of monopoly and democracy.