“I meant to follow through with my original plans. I was going to leave human world as soon as I regained my demonic powers…. From that day… From the day I became Shuichi Minamino… I loved her as if she were my true mother…. Hiei, Yusuke, Kuwabara, everyone… I want none of you to miss me as I leave this form behind. Never again will I be Yoko Kurama… I cannot betray my true self any longer…”


I am a Yu Yu Hakusho fanatic when I was in secondary school! I would scrimp every lunch money I got and make sure I get the manga…! Not cheap since it is imported from Taiwan!

I absolutely love Hiei! Hahaha I guess I have a thing for misunderstood characters. However as I reread the series now when I am older, I actually enjoy Yusuke more! He is truly the leader of the team; no matter how bad things are, Yusuke is always optimistic and believes! A very relatable character since he is just like a slacker like most of us and tries his best in situations he is in!

Anyone watched/read YYH? :D