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Letra: Takahashi Kouichirou & Minamiguchi Yuuta
Música & arreglos: Takahashi Kouichirou

mienai kotoba mitsukeru tame ni boku wa kimi wo sagashitsuzukeru
itsuka kitto wakariaetara kotoba no iranai hanashi wo shiyou

kimi wa itsudemo nakenai mama
tsuyogatteita hitori no sekai de
denai kotoba, fumidasu yuuki
taisetsu na koto na no ni doushite…

ari no mama hanasu yo kimi no koto wo omou kimochi
itsudatte sono koto wo kangaeteru yo
totemo setsunakute totemo itoshikute itsudemo kimi omou yo

mienai kotoba mitsukeru tame ni boku wa kimi wo sagashitsuzukeru
itsuka kitto wakariaetara kotoba no iranai uta wo utaou
mienai omoi sagashitsuzukete itsuka kitto wakariaeru yo
mienai kotoba todoke kimi no kokoro made

kazoekirenai keshiki wo bokura egaite kitanda
kienai sore wa ima mo…

kimi no koe wa asu e

mienai omoi sagashitsuzukete itsuka kitto wakariaeru yo

mienai kotoba mitsukeru tame ni boku wa kimi wo sagashitsuzukeru
itsuka kitto wakariaetara kotoba no iranai uta wo utaou
mienai omoi sagashitsuzukete itsuka kitto wakariaeru yo
mienai… kotoba… todoke…

boku wa kimi wo sagashitsuzukeru

Minamiguchi Nana Hustle Press Translation 6/10/16

One by one, we’re hearing about what “fall” means for each member of GEM in the intensive series “It’s Thursday, GEM quality!” For the second part of this series, the member who “sweats aquamarine,” Minamiguchi Nana, has appeared. (Link Here)

Q. Please tell us which season is your favourite!
A. Fall is definitely the frontrunner. First of all, it’s not too hot. Normally I sweat as soon as I’m outside, and I worry about how many handkerchiefs I’m using. Spring is usually comfortable too, but the cool fall days are really so nice. Also, my birthday is in October! 

Q. Do you have any memories of special fall events?
A. Hmmm… I wonder if I do? I guess there’s the ball game tournament from my high school days. Instead of holding a sports festival in June, we held a ball game tournament in September, and I was participating in the dodgeball event. But back then I was just terrible at dodgeball, I was always turning away and running. It was scary and I didn’t want to stand out, so I just stood on the sidelines. 

Q. That’s not really a good memory (laughs)
A. But I’ve become much stronger since then! I used to really like giving massages, and a long time ago I used to give my mom massages, and lately I’ve been giving them to the other members too. Yuukirin often says “I would pay money for Natchi’s massages,” so it seems like I’ve become so much stronger physically than I was. Because I had to grip the dodgeballs back then, I’ve gained a lot of strength.

Q. A “____ kind of fall” is often discussed. What’s your ideal type of fall?
A. A walking kind of fall! I really love going for walks at night, especially on cool fall evenings. I’ve liked the sound of footsteps since I was young. It’s like a “tap tap” sound. And the sound is so different when you’re wearing shoes! When I walk around I don’t listen to music, I just listen to the rhythm of my own footsteps. My favourite sounds was always the “click clack” sound that my father’s work shoes made.

Q. What about fall foods?
Lately I’ve been making more food than I’ve been eating, so I don’t really have an appetite for fall. I started cooking for the first time last summer. At first it was just to help out my mom; I wanted to keep enjoying her home cooking because I knew one day I’d move out and wouldn’t be eating her food anymore. For a while I stopped cooking but recently I’ve started again. When I make something I post a photo on Twitter and it’s fun to see reactions from the fans. I’ve been making a lot of Japanese cuisine, and I’m good at making Oyakudon (Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl). 

Q. What about fall reading? 
A. I actually read pretty regularly. Right now I’m reading “The Eternal Zero.” It’s by my number one favourite author Shigematsu Kiyoshi. It’s told from the point of view of many people, and all of their individual stories are really interesting. Just by reading a book, I feel like I get to experience another life. Since normally I read lots of essays and short stories, this fall I’d like to read a lot more fiction.

Q. Thoughts on fall artwork?
A. Regardless of being talented or not, drawings can really show a lot of emotion. I really really love Ghibli movies, my favourite is Kiki’s Delivery Service, and I often draw pictures of Kiki. I like drawing these characters, and I also really like drawing cats. Sometimes I also want to try to replicate the cool guys that I see in manga.

Q. Are you interested in any fall sports? 
A. Since I’ve been so busy between going home or doing broadcasts, I haven’t done many sports. All I do is dance. But in general, I have terrible hand-eye coordination. 

Q. But are there any sports you might like to try?
A. Earlier in this interview we were talking about dodgeball. I think I’d like to try playing dodgeball with GEM (laughs). I think it would be fun to divide the members into two teams and play!

TN: Part 2 of the revived “It’s Thursday, GEM quality!” series. Every week, I’ll be translating the new installment as they’re released! Don’t miss it <3