SayaMina’s beautiful kisses in AKB48 Kagekidan 「∞・Infinity」

These two together make a dazzling pair.❤

Sayaka stayed in character throughout the entire show, especially when she gallantly planted a kiss on Takamina’s hand or playfully stole a final kiss from Takamina when the curtains rose again. She was/is so dashing and probably the only one who could make Taka become so girly.=P~


Somebody subtitled it!


It’s been almost three years since our Minami was given the role of Soukantoku. 

So much has happened in those three years. I don’t know how AKB48 would be now if it weren’t for Minami leading the way. Minami put her dream on hold–the dream of going solo–for years due to her love and devotion for AKB48 Group. Through the happiest moments and saddest moments, Minami has always been there as the group’s pillar of strength.

Soon, though, it will be time for her to relax. To finally relax. The burden of Soukantoku and everything that comes with being essentially the heart and soul of Japan’s #1 idol group will be lifted. As a Minami fan, I couldn’t be happier and more excited for her future. She has done so much for everyone and deserves all the best, deserves to succeed in everything she puts her mind to.

I hope you enjoy your last birthday as an AKB member to the fullest, Minami. While you will surely go on to accomplish great things, AKB is and always will be your home, your starting point. Live in the moment and cherish the time you have left in this amazing group. You might be Soukantoku, but try to use the rest of your time here to feel just like an ordinary member again. There are others that will help carry your burden for you.

I love you, Minami. Happy 24th birthday! Have FUN and let yourself go!