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I'm the anon from before that asked how they met. I'm completely up for writing something for you! You're amazing and I always smile and get really happy when you post! So if I write something think of it as me paying you back :)


Jealous of Yuuri Katsuki

Sometimes I get so jealous of Yuuri 

I mean he’s 24  and he’s engaged to his idol

A man he admired since he was a kid 

Yuuri has that said man so elegantly wrapped around his fingers

Yuuri had his idol leave everything and show up to his home waiting for him completely naked 

Had Victor coach him 

Live with him in his home 24/7 

Applies Lip Balm on him 

Tackle kiss him in public 

Tie his skates 

Kiss his skates 

Support Yuuri and love him with every fibre of his being 

Pair skate with him 

And this all happen when Yuuri was at his lowest moment

When he got wasted and proceed to dance and dry hump his childhood idol in public 

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Yuuri Katsuki, tell me your life secrets!!!!

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Future​ AU where Minami and Bakugao have a kid and the kid's Quirk is Fireworks ((ps. Love you're art and characters!! 💚))

YO FUCK ME UP THATS SO CUTE!!!!can u imagine how the convo of having a kid goes down between minami and kaachan

and then hime was born the princess of the hero world

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minami becomes a villain??does that mean she and bakugo have that angsty hero-villain relationship after or do they stay mildly assholeish?

she does!my original idea for her was she gets bored being a hero and going to ua so she volunteers to be a spy/straight up drops out to pursue villany >:3c aaaaand id say their relationship is a combo of both 


Unfinished painting of Minami……now time to go study ahhh