Unfinished painting of Minami……now time to go study ahhh

yuri!!! on ice names according to my phone’s voice recognition

katsuki yuuri: cats key yuri
viktor nikiforov: victor nikki four off
yuri plisetsky: yuri play sets key
phichit chulanont: pitch it chilling aunt
minami kenjirou: me nami can zero
georgi popovich: georgie pop a bitch
christophe giacometti: christ off jock a meaty
leo de la iglesia: leo deal ugly seiyu
guong hong ji: long hung g
lee seung-gil: please do gill

  • Minami: Everyone wants you, you know. You’re like the hot girl that every guy wants.
  • Yuuri: The hot girl?
  • Minami: You are the hottest girl.
  • Victor: *just arriving* What?
  • Yuuri: I’m the hot girl!
  • Victor: ... Yes. You are.

Here we go again!

Otabek - Eclipse

Mila - cold Morning

Georgi - Rain

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Agape&Eros poses

So every Thursday I`ll update 3 characters. Write in comments or messages whom would you like to see next | I prefer Sara-Chris-JJ.

Bonus lil doodle Minami-wyvern under! Much thanks for your support!

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