Jealous of Yuuri Katsuki

Sometimes I get so jealous of Yuuri 

I mean he’s 24  and he’s engaged to his idol

A man he admired since he was a kid 

Yuuri has that said man so elegantly wrapped around his fingers

Yuuri had his idol leave everything and show up to his home waiting for him completely naked 

Had Victor coach him 

Live with him in his home 24/7 

Applies Lip Balm on him 

Tackle kiss him in public 

Tie his skates 

Kiss his skates 

Support Yuuri and love him with every fibre of his being 

Pair skate with him 

And this all happen when Yuuri was at his lowest moment

When he got wasted and proceed to dance and dry hump his childhood idol in public 

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Yuuri Katsuki, tell me your life secrets!!!!


Unfinished painting of Minami……now time to go study ahhh


day 21: favorite family(s) !!

CD jacket of Tales of Zestiria the X OP 2 “illuminate” by Minami, to be released on February 22, 2017.


作詞:Minami  作曲:USK / HIROTOMO 編曲:小高光太郎 / USK (Lyrics by Minami, composition by USK / HIROTOMO, arrangement by Odaka Koutaro / USK)
2.そんな感じ♪ (Sonna Kanji ♪ / Something Like That ♪ )
作詞:Minami 作曲・編曲:帷子漣司 (Lyrics by Minami, composition and arrangement by Katabira Renji)
3.illuminate  (off vocal)
4.そんな感じ♪ (off vocal)


Wow, so, I just made the realization that Hinata and Minami have the same voice actor. (It was an ordeal let me tell you)

Then of course my crazy brain decides to make this connection?!?! 

Insane. Both of them are such sweet, energetic, balls of encouragement. I can’t even deal. Minami literally channels Hinata’s excitement times 1,000. (Er…times 30,000?)

  • Group-Chat Yuri's Puddles
  • Minami: [12.49] Finally got the body pillow of Yuri!
  • Phichit: [12.53] Congratulations!
  • Yurio: [13.00] I want one with Otabek...
  • Victor: [13.01] I have also one!
  • Yurio: [13.01] Do you really need something like that, Victor?
  • Victor: [13.02] Why not? I mean, Yuri is the biggest fanboy of mine and has three body pillows with my face on it.
  • Phichit: [13.03] I know!
  • Phichit: [13.03] Hey, Yurio...
  • Yurio: [13.05] Hn?
  • Phichit: [13.06] Otabek has just posted a pic with him and a Yurio body pillow. ^^
  • Yurio: [13.06] I know. It's a present from me for him.
  • Victor: [13.07] Naww~