❀𝓑𝓒𝓑𝓢❀「ELS」 I forgive you, my Fight Song’d hit you like a Sledgehammer! 

I combined SasuSaku, MinaKushi and Temari in one collection, since I post all of them really rare (Have I ever used Temari even?..), as you might know I’m not a fan of SasuSaku, but I was asked by my friend to join her collab (which promises to be AMAZING, seriously, looking forward to it), I couldn’t resist.
Now, the Temari part… I literally just used one episode and completed the part within two hours, nothing more to be said, it was just a replacement.
MinaKushi one, however, took me longer than usually. I love the result, btw, don’t really like the ending, but the beginning… I got it, I think…

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