drops-of-moonlights  asked:

For the prompt thingy, "things you didn't say at all" with Usagi and Minako (friendship)

I’m not good at words sometimes. I don’t get how to put all these big feelings into little boxes. There’s always stuff left over! Important stuff! I can’t get it all in there and it makes me sound dumb.

I’m not dumb. I see stuff. I pay attention and I listen. I do! I know.

I know so easy with you, because you don’t put big feelings in little boxes either. You talk a lot! And funny! You’re so funny, Minako-chan, you make everybody laugh so much all the time and that’s so so so important. You don’t SAY a lot though, and maybe not everyone knows that, but I do.

I know when you’re joking.

I know when you’re not.

They put us on the magazines, but sometimes it’s just me. I don’t know why they do that. I write  all the time and ask them to stop. I tell them how I can’t do anything by myself, without you, without all of you, but they never listen. Remember that time they did a bunch of covers and everyone got their own? You bought all of yours. You didn’t say it was because you were afraid no one else would.

I wanted to buy it, if you’d just left one for me.

People think we’re sisters all the time. I used to love that. That I could be as pretty as you, or as strong and smart and funny. My tummy twists when they say it now. You go away when they say it. You act like me, you even sound like me, and it takes longer and longer for you to come back. As if they don’t deserve you. As if I don’t deserve you. On behalf of Venus, you punish us.

I don’t, you know. Deserve you. Maybe none of us do.

I tried so hard to get Motoki to keep the Sailor V game. The Sailor Moon game isn’t as good, and I told him that! It’s not as fun or interesting or challenging! Even the graphics suck! If everyone wants to play Sailor Moon now, they’re wrong! It’s not Sailor V that’s the knock-off, it’s Sailor Moon! It’s me.

You don’t go to the arcade with us very much any more. I miss you.

Tuesdays are the day I check the convenience stores on the way to school (seven of them! I made a map!) and buy all the Sailor V nutrition bars I can. They even taste better than the Sailor Moon ones, and I know that’s true because I did a blind taste test like on TV.

Being a Senshi, being the princess, fighting evil and saving the world?  I couldn’t do it without you, but I know you could do it without me. You did! For so long! That’s how incredible you are! Nothing can stop you unless you let it. Please, please don’t let me.

The feelings don’t fit in the boxes, but you can do anything. I wish you would find a way. I wish you would say you hate me, Minako-chan. So I can tell you I know, and I love you.

I think this picture does a much better job than the cover for the last kanzenban issue, doesn’it? This piece is part of a set of two drawn by Takeuchi for the Sailor Moon exhibition which took place in Ropponghi in 2016. It’s difficult to tell, but, while Usaghi and Chibiusa are clearly in their Super forms, basing on what we see of Saturn’s front and Mars’ back, I think the others are in their regular ones… which doesn’t explain why they’re all wearing their Super-version necklaces, nor why Mercury, Mars and Jupiter have only got one stripe on their collar, nor why Mars has stolen the earrings from her anime-corresponding character. What a mess…

Listen this was too tempting to make