Rob: Where are you going?
Nicki: Imma go buy some lacefronts for the baby.
Rob: You’re buying what for the baby?
Nicki: A pink lacefront.
Rob: No, I’m sorry. I have to draw the line somewhere. Our son is not going to wear a pink wig.
Nicki: Why not? You think I’m gonna make him gay?
Rob: No. And I would be fine with it if little Robert Douglas Thomas Spunk Ransom Onika Roman Zolanski Martha Barbie Pink Friday Minaj-Maraj-Pattinson, Jr. grows up to be gay. I just think…
Nicki: What? What’s your problem?
Rob: I think you may be traumatising him a bit.
Nicki: What?! Oh hell to the no!
Rob: …with the multiple personalities, the different accents, and wearing a different color wig every day. He doesn’t know who you are. Sometimes I can’t even figure it out! Who are you right now?
Nicki: Duh, I’m Barbie, bitch.