Girlfriend Mina

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  • your mom absolutely ADORES mina
  • she’s beautiful, funny, clever, talented; the type that every parent dreams their child will end up with
  • so mina is always lavished with the best foods when she visits your childhood home, the house is always scrubbed meticulously, bed sheets cleaned if she’s staying the night
  • even extended family comes to visit
  • your family jokes that your younger cousin loves her more than you, because mina always helps them with their math homework
  • you joke that “maybe you should just adopt her and kick me out?” and the silence that descends tells you that your family has already thought of that
  • you have to deal with her tears a lot, since she’s prone to cry whenever she’s happy, sad, angry, etc. just any emotion at all will bring her to tears
  • and she goes looking for you, asking for hugs with big, watery eyes and WHO COULD SAY NO TO THAT?!?!
  • she loves to write; stories, lyrics, just whatever comes to mind
  • you’re the only one who’s allowed to see everything, which shows just how much she trusts you
  • cute, dorky moments
  • pigging out on junk food, esp. pizza and chicken
  • but then you won’t see her for the next few days since she has to work it all off at the gym for an upcoming comeback
  • chores are divided evenly in your home but she always does the laundry. it’s something she’s gotten good at since that was her duty in aoa’s dorm
  • if you’re being especially difficult to wake up, mina has no qualms with blaring out some songs on her bass until you get out of bed
  • drama marathons
  • where she usually cries a lot
  • to comfort her, you try kissing her like the male lead but then she looks at you with those beautiful eyes of hers so you kiss her again and don’t stop until you’re both tangled under the bed sheets, sweaty and hot
  • “wait, i missed the rest of the episode!” mina whines, pushing you away to grab the remote and wind the episode back
  • and say goodbye to round two because she’s re-hooked on the story line and asks you to make her popcorn
Simple Gestures

Character: Mina (AOA)
Word count: 260
Summary: Married life with Mina Kwon  | #fluff

She was greeted by an immensely good smell as she comes home from dance practice. Mina slips her shoes off, leaving them by the front door and pads barefoot into the kitchen, inhaling deeply.

“Smells so good, jagi!” she compliments.

Her arms find their way around your waist, front pressing against your back. For a few minutes, there’s no words. Just a peaceful silence as you both enjoy each others company. Mina had missed you. She always misses you though. Unless you’re in her arms, she feels empty and incomplete.

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