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Into the Open Air

TITLE: Into the Open Air


AUTHOR: http://herroyalhighnessbrean.tumblr.com

Imagine Loki has to raise his two children alone because their mother is dead. He tries to be as good father as he can, always spending time with his children


NOTES/WARNINGS: Some abuse elements, and minor character death at the beginning. Attempted suicide.

Loki would never forget the day he was left with his two boys standing on the hill watching the fire glow from what had once been a home, and what was now a grave for his beloved wife, Mina.

He held the twins closer as a lonesome tear trailed its way down his face.

“Father?” The youngest out of the twins, Thallion (Tallion) and redhead, like his dear mother, asked looking up.

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Our good friend John Stabb died on Saturday, May 7th at the age of 54. The cause of death was stomach cancer. Born John Dukes Schroeder, Stabb was one of the original D.C. punks. He formed G.I. in 1980 with John Barry, Brian Gay, and Mike Alberstadt and the band’s debut EP, Legless Bull (released in the fall of 1981), would become Dischord’s fourth release. Though Government Issue split up 1989, Stabb continued to make music throughout his life, performing and recording in bands like Weatherhead, Betty Blue, Factory Incident and History Repeated. We are deeply saddened by the news of his passing and send our thoughts to his wife, Mina, and his friends. John was a sweet person and will be missed.

Photo by Jim Saah.