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“Haruka, you’re a butch lesbian! Don’t tell me you don’t have a leatherman or some shit laying around in your pocket.” She tried to pry the license plate off the car.

“I’m pretty sure this is illegal.” Haruka crouched down next to Mina.

“Do you have one or not? Lives are on the line here!” She held her hand out expectantly.

If you would have asked Haruka, earlier that day, if she felt she was going to spend her evening stealing a license plate off a Honda with Mina in the graceful dim of twilight, she would have said no.

And then she would have reconsidered her friendship with Mina, and said maybe.

“Haruka!” Mina hissed “Any day now!”

Haruka dug down into her pocket and pulled out her knife, handing it to Mina. “We’re gonna get fucking arrested.”

Mina began to pry at the license plate, “I can live with that, but I can’t live with the idea of Rei winning this.”

It all seemed very reasonable until the blue and red began to flicker in the shiny white paint of the car’s bumper.

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yes please i want see your translations, even if its brief :)

Sure, I kind of live tweeted it at that time, so pardon the randomness ><

- Hong was super shocked to see Fujii Mina 

- Hong called Mina “ex wife” and Mina called him “Hong-chan” lol

- Its really sweet when Mina entered the studio and Seunghyun kindly prepared the seat and the sheets for her, showed her what to do and stuffs.

- Seunghyun said that the last time he met Mina was during the wedding (Hongki’s wedding on wgm). They also got to talk on the phone for a bit but Seunghyun was busy at that time. Hongki: wait up.. the one getting married to her is me.. why are you the one talking to her on the phone??

- Hong keeping up with a recent magazine interview of Mina’s lol

- Mina shared her farewell stories, saying she’d often still have lingering feelings. Dindin: perhaps, is Hong-chan still there too? He must’ve got ridden of quickly right? Quickly concluding things with him.. lol

- Mina said its good to be able to have the radio show with her ex husband xD

- Hongki asked Mina who she wants to “marry” if she gets to choose again. Dindin was like: Ah, I have to make time in my schedule then, but Mina replied: I’d like to do it with Hong-chan again. lol

- I remember something about Mina and Dindin telling about how big FT is in Japan. I also remember something about Hongki and Mina telling each other to keep in touch more in the future. But, I can’t remember exactly how it went. xD;;

I guess that’s all I can find for now, I remember I tweeted more, but I can’t find them T_T 


Here’s Frieda! Mina’s wife and also a good mom who is also a mad scientist.

Frieda is neutrois and uses ve-ver-verself pronouns, doesnt like to think of verself as a woman but just likes the way mom and wife sound  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

ummmm what do i put here,,,, Ve’s some kind of monkey person, early 40′s, intersex and has struggled with a lifelong eating disorder. Ve’s a very important and personal character and i cant wait to share ver with the world!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm more of I ship everyone with Mina. Mina is everyone's wife. She doesn't have hypnosis for a reason. Mesmerizing Mina at Twices and Onces service.

Everyone loves Mina and wants to be with her confirmed. She’s not the third member of the snake line for nothing

Lancer of Black (Count Dracula)

The count who lives in the mists of Transylvania, and perhaps the most famous vampire in the world. He began life as the Romanian missionary, Vlad the Impaler but upon his death, he became an unholy demon of the night. 

The eponymous novel, written by Bram Stoker, describes how the Count attempts to seduce Mina Harker, the wife of Jonathan Harker, an English solicitor. With the help of the vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing, Dracula was finally put to rest for good.

Ironically, the popularity of the book would lead to a surge in vampirific trends in media, with Dracula, undead again, the main man. 

Our good friend John Stabb died on Saturday, May 7th at the age of 54. The cause of death was stomach cancer. Born John Dukes Schroeder, Stabb was one of the original D.C. punks. He formed G.I. in 1980 with John Barry, Brian Gay, and Mike Alberstadt and the band’s debut EP, Legless Bull (released in the fall of 1981), would become Dischord’s fourth release. Though Government Issue split up 1989, Stabb continued to make music throughout his life, performing and recording in bands like Weatherhead, Betty Blue, Factory Incident and History Repeated. We are deeply saddened by the news of his passing and send our thoughts to his wife, Mina, and his friends. John was a sweet person and will be missed.

Photo by Jim Saah.

After tonight’s episode and that dance scene between Mina and Grayson, the sudden realization that Mina is not the least bit attracted to Lucy hit me harder than that ice berg hit the titanic, like damn Mina how are you even so straight idgi bUT you wanna know something Mina? You wanna know whose friendship has been a pretense all along? Grayson’s that’s right.

Sending her flowers, giving her rides to college, hosting her engagement party and basically showing up at any place she happens to be including her inauguration party or whatever the hell that was, like I’m sure she has realized by now that his interest in her surpasses that of friendship yet you don’t see her questioning him like “oh grayson so all those kind things you’ve done for me and all those times we’ve sensually danced and almost kissed… is that why you hired Jonathan, not because he met your qualifications but to get closer to me?” no of course not because she’s also attracted to him, and while I understand she doesn’t feel the same way about Lucy (and that’s okay, if she’s not attracted to her then she’s not and no one can force her), Mina was way too harsh with the poor girl. Assuming Lucy’s motives for befriending her were for the sole purpose of enamoring her and getting hurt over such assumptions when Grayson has been basically doing the same thing is just perplexing.. and yes I know Lucy’s been her best friend for years and all and she’s just met Grayson but STILL the circumstances are quite similar.. and you know what makes it even worse? The fact that Grayson only cares about Mina because she reminds him of his dead wife. If Mina had not looked like Ilona, Grayson would have taken no interest in her and who knows he might have even feasted on her blood.

and idk it’s not that I’m bothered by Mina’s attraction to Grayson, it just irks me how unfair she was with Lucy when Grayson has been the one befriending her and her fiance for his own personal gain yet Mina doesn’t seem to be vexed by this.. 

Gil-galad: Before the Havens

Because of the changes made to Gil-galad’s parentage (see this post for that whole story), the account of his earlier years is a little murky. In the published Silmarillion, when he’s said to be Fingon’s son, he grew up in Hithlum until the Dagor Dagorath, when his father sent him to live with Cirdan at the Havens of Sirion for safety (a wise choice, as Fingon died in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad soon after.)

However, this story doesn’t make too much sense when you take into account that Gil-galad’s father was actually Orodreth, who lived in Nargothrond. Especially when you take into account that, in this proper version, Gil-galad has a sister, Finduilas. The best explanation Tolkien ever gives for Gil-galad’s life before he came to live at the Havens is a short note that reads “he escaped and dwelt at Sirion’s Mouth.” This, along with a note identifying Gil-galad and Finuilas’s mother as a northern Sindarin lady of the north. With this information, here’s what we can assume of Gil-galad’s early years:

  • As far as we know, the date of Gil-galad’s birth is still some years before the Dagor Bragollach. He was a child when the battle occurred, so probably less than a century before.
  • Before the Dagor Bragollah, Orodreth ruled over the watch tower of Minas Tirith, located in the Pass of Sirion. It’s likely that his family lived here with him, as its northern location matches with the description of his wife.
  • Minas Tirith was taken by Morgoth’s forces during the Dagor Bragollach in the year 455, when we know Orodreth escaped south to Nargothrond. So it’s likely that his wife and children escaped south with him, bringing both Gil-galad and Finduilas to live in Nargothrond.
  • After Finrod left on Beren and Luthien’s quest (and died), Orodreth became king of Nargothrond. Then, after the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, eventually Turin came to live in Nargothrond as well (where he had a whole romance with Finduilas.) 
  • Then, in the year 495, Nargothrond is attacked and destroyed by the dragon Glaurung. Finduilas and Orodreth die in this attack. Based on Tolkien’s note, though, it can be assumed that at this point Gil-galad (and whatever other refugees) escaped and made it to the Mouths of Sirion, where Cirdan lived.
  • From this point the story matches the published Silmarillion: Gil-galad lived with Cirdan at the Havens of Sirion until the War of Wrath destroyed the region, and they migrated east to Lindon.

SOURCES: The Silmarillion, The Histories of Middle Earth vol. 12

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ARE WE DOING A THING WHERE WE PESTER YOU WITH QUESTIONS? If so: which reality show would each of the girls go on (and they can't get out of it for any reason, apparently)?


Haruka: Survivor. Haruka thinks she is literally the toughest human who has ever lived, ever, but she forgets that you actually have to play nice with others and gets voted off the island in like two weeks because she’s going through sugar withdrawls and crying about missing her wife. 

Mina: America’s Next Top Model. Offers to do nudes immediately, claiming that she believes in the artistic value of her ass, proclaims the entrie show a sham and a mockery when she doesn’t win. 

Michiru: Assuming “You go on a reality show or Haruka dies”, she somehow talks her way into being the next Bachelorette, enjoys manipulating attractive men for several weeks, and then at the finale tells both of them to go the fuck home, she’s a lesbian. 

Mako: Cupcake Wars. Unlike our beautiful blonde idiots up there, she actually wins her show with some unique flavor profiles: a vanilla orange basil cupcake, a chili strawberry chocolate cupcake, and a curry spice cake. 

Rei: The Apprentice. Ends up gif’d a million times on tumblr for her incredible reaction faces, angry rants, and shoulderpad game. When Trump fires her, she takes a list out of her bag and starts reading off his bankruptcy claims as she’s dragged away by security. 

Setsuna: Accidentally ends up being one of the girls on Flavor of Love. How this happened, no one’s sure, and she gets sent home by the producers when it’s clear all she wants to do is make friends with all the girls and bake them cookies

Ami: What Not To Wear, with all her terrible grandma clothing. Mina turned her in and Rei didn’t exactly object. 

Hotaru: This one gave me a lot of trouble, but I ended up putting her on Fear, where she wins literally all the money because after being murdered and being the literal embodiment of destruction, some intern banging a can in the dark won’t phase her.

Chibiusa and Usagi probably end up on fucking Nanny 911 or something.

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Can I leave a headcanon ask about the Seven cuddles? Just a bunch of cuddles, and what you think about it, ps xoxo.

It started after they came back from Tartarus, Percy and Annabeth started craving human contact and Annabeth realized Frank was the perfect human teddy bear and she just started randomly hugging him, but of course if Annabeth was there that means Percy was also there so it always ended up with a PercyFrankAnnabeth sandwich. Then at nights when Percy and Annabeth couldn’t sleep next to each other because Buford couldn’t keep quiet they decided to change strategies. At first Annabeth slept next to Hazel and Piper, but the nightmares keep coming and the girls couldn’t calm Annabeth down until Percy arrived. They tried a new alternative: camping in the mess hall, and that worked for a while. But during the day Annabeth and Percy kept looking for human contact. After a while they felt bad about just targeting Frank for hugs, that’s when Percy remember that Jason gave amazing hugs, ok he only hug the guy once, but still, it was an amazing hug, so the next target was Jason. It didn’t take long for the rest of the crew to realize what was happening and then it just became a sort of thing, hug Percy and Annabeth, sit next to them at the mess hall and then in the weird moments when things were calm during the Argo II, it was just the seven of them sitting in the mess hall. 

Hugging Percy and Annabeth became hugging the first person they saw. Hugging and cuddling became such a natural thing for them, it gave them comfort, it gave them strength. No one was alone, they had 6 other people watching his/her the back. Percy and Annabeth had the worst nightmares, but they weren’t the only ones with them and it just became an habit for them that if someone heard another one having a nightmare they just walked to them and slept next to them. Sometime it was just 2 people but sometimes it was more people sleeping in a cabin and they moved to floor so they all could sleep next to each other.

After the war the six of them spent the night in the Poseidon cabin, sleeping on the floor and holding hands. It just sort of become a thing for them, after a while the camp got used to seeing them randomly hugging, Annabeth and Piper walking holding hands or Jason walking with his arm around Percy’s neck. 

When they stay the night at Percy’s place they just slept on the living room, a mess of arms and legs next to each other. but they felt safe and happy and that was what matter