mina's shower

for you pt. 6 [M]

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Badboy!Taehyung, angst

Word Count: 5.3k

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It was happening again. The continuous melody of vibrations of your phone sang you to sleep every night. It was a constant stream of incoming messages and calls since the day he pulled out of your driveway. You had ignored every single one except for the one time when you both were drunk and screamed slurred syllables at each other until Mina ripped your phone from your palm and made you hang up.

Every time you left your apartment you held your breath, worried that his black car would be park outside your front door. But it never was. He had enough respect for you to know not to physically show up at your door. Probably worried that you would key up and down the sides of his precious piece of metal, not like you hadn’t thought about it before.

You swiped your phone into silent mode and do not disturb, hoping that for at least one night you would be able to fall asleep without hearing his voice ringing in your ears. Your breathing synced with your heartbeat as your eyelids falling heavy. “Please, not tonight.” you whispered as you gave into the sleep falling around you.

The curtains in your room were suddenly ripped open, blinding light came hurtling through the window as your eyes flew open. The sound of familiar hurried footsteps were pacing your floor, picking up everything you had been neglecting and placing them in their proper place.

“You’re disgusting, did you know that?” Mina huffed as she picked up a wet towel from the food floor and placed it into the hamper. “When was the last time you did laundry?”

You rolled over, covering your head with your pillows in an attempt to drown out your best friend. But Mina wasn’t having it. She ripped the blankets off your body and threw them on the ground, “Oh my god, Y/N. When was the last time you showered?” she dramatically plugged her nose to further emphasize her point.

“I really regret giving you an extra key.” you grumbled as you admitted defeated and sat up in bed.

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Mina x Reader

Fluff ft. Clingy Mina


Word Count: 1166

Written by Admin LJ

Mina came home from work to find you in the same exact spot you had left you in earlier that day. You were on the couch, legs outstretched to reach the coffee table in front of you, laptop resting near your knees as you typed away tirelessly, eyes not even blinking as Mina walked in.

For hours, you had been working on a research paper that was due soon. You would have had it done weeks ago if it weren’t for you procrastinating up until just a few days before the due date, and as a result, you had been researching your topic since before the sun was even up this morning, and by the time Mina came home, you were only  a page and a half into typing the paper.

You wished you didn’t procrastinate this entire time, but you had much better things to be doing than writing a ten page paper on something you weren’t even interested in, but when it was nearly time to submit the paper, you realized that you had to do it, and now, with only a couple of days left to complete it, with your job and other responsibilities in between, you were in crunch mode.

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Thief!Seungcheol ||

Notes: part two! Hope you enjoy. Requests are open! Also Mina and mark were my fav in this, they were was fun to write. Happy birthday Seungcheol!

tw: past child abuse, past non descriptive rape

•you were officially on the run with a the Choi siblings
•after you had taken them from the house, you decided that the best place to hide out was on the street
•"cheol? Why can’t I go to school?“
•Seungcheol’s little sister Mina kept asking
•"you will, we just have to hide for a while. Okay?”
•with a nod from her, you continued to tell seungcheol how to pickpocket
•after all, you needed money for your plan to work
•"what’s your plan y/n? I can’t steal things.“
•for as much as he babbled, he had quick fingers and was able to take as much as he needed
•which was quite a lot, after all you needed to go to a different state
•which meant airplane rides, and money for a fake passport for them
•Mina was also a natural, you and her would stay on the corners and beg for money, hiding parts of her face just in case
•after all everyone thought that she and seungcheol were missing kids
•but tomorrow you’d be able to get in the plane, your plan would be in action
•just had to stay out of trouble until then, it shouldn’t be that hard

•apparently trouble is your middle name!
•because oh boy, how are you gonna get yourself out of this
•Mina wanted to pickpocket someone, and seungcheol told her no
•but she did it anyway
•the woman saw her, and called the police
•the police caught her, and now she’s at the station, and your plane leaves in two hours!
•what a mess
•"how are we going to get her? This is my fault, we’re going to have to go to mother, oh god we’re going to die”
•seungcheol rambled, pacing in front of the station, where yo had dragged him
•"dude, shut up.“
•you said, watching the officers and Mina through the window
•"what if they hurt her?”
•"they’re cops cheol, she didn’t get hurt on the street, she’s good.“
•you said, not even looking at him, continuing to watch Mina
•she was sitting on a chair, near and officer who was sitting at his desk
•he got up, and went to the bathroom, leaving Mina alone
•"let’s go! Come in seungcheol”
•running to the front of the station, you opened the door, and whistled
•getting Mina’s attention, she stood up and ran
•for the second time this week, you were on the run
•but this time you had a plan
•getting a taxi, you told the driver to take you to bring you to the airport
•inside of the taxi, you heard the drivers phone ring, an amber alert maybe?
•taking a face mask out of your pocket, you gave it to Mina
•your face and cheol’s was already covered
•when you got to the airport you paid the driver and grabbed the siblings hands
•taking them inside, you found the man you’d pay to give you passports and sneak you guys on the plane
•taking quick steps, the three of you followed the man in the security uniform
•within five minutes, you guys were buckled in a plane with a bunch of other kids
•blending in perfectly, you guys were in your way to Hawaii
•not for relaxation though, that could come later
•"I think I’m afraid of heights cheollie.“
•Mina whined holding her brothers sleeve, tears in her eyes
•"it’s okay, I’ll protect you and y/n.”
•he said looking at Mina, glancing at you quickly and grabbing your hand as he comforted mina
•and you guys were in the air
•seungcheol had to managed to calm down Mina, and she was now sleeping
•leaning your head on seungcheol’s shoulder, you felt your eyes flutter close
•"I promise I’ll protect you.“

•once you landed in Hawaii, a stewardess woke the three of you up
•you guys got ushered off the plane, the next step was to get to a phone so you could call someone
•yep, that’s what your plan was, to get to Hawaii, call a kid that you knew in foster care who had been place with a duo of lawyers for parents
•"hey mark, I’m in Hawaii, would your dad be able to pick us up?”
•an agreement came from the boy and you guys were going to be okay
•"cheol, you still have the recordings right?“
•you asked the black haired teen who was now carrying his sister
•he nodded, and motioned to his pocket
•a car drove up, mark inside so it let you know that this wasn’t a kidnapping
•getting inside the car first, Mina going in the middle, seungcheol behind mark
•"you’re on the news, did you know that y/n?”
•Nodding, you shrugged
•"not the first time I’ve been wanted by the police.“
•marks dad was talking to seungcheol as he drove, letting you cuddle into Mina as you enjoyed the drive

•when you pulled into their driveway, mark sent you a look
•"I won’t take anything.”
•you said, rolling your eyes at the blonde male
•opening your door, you slid out, picking Mina up, continuing your cuddle session
•she nuzzled her head into your neck, her dirty face rubbing on your already filthy black hoodie
•when you stepped inside of the house, you were painfully aware of how pristine everything was
•"you kids look like you’ve been to hell and back.“
•Mark’s mom said, wiping her hands on her blue apron
•"I’d say they have, I on the other hand took a walk in the park.”
•she smiled, but it was a sad smile, knowing that you had lived on the streets for most of your childhood
•"can seungcheol and Mina go shower?“
•you asked, wanting her pitying look to go away
•"of course!”
•she led them to the bathroom, leaving you in the living room with mark and his dad
•slipping off your shoes, you were left in grayish socks that were no longer the white they were intended to be
•"mark, go to the closet and get some extra clothes please.“
•that was the signal that Mark’s dad wanted to talk to you
•mark nodded and sent you a look, different than the one he sent it the car
•he was telling you good luck
•flashing him a small smile, you faced his dad
•"y/n, do you know how serious this is? You’re lucky that seungcheol had evidence otherwise you could’ve been in prison.”
•he said, shaking his head as he sighed
•"yeah, I know but what was I supposed to do? Leave them? Besides it wouldn’t have been the first time.“
•sending him a glare at the end of your sentence, after all it had been him who sentenced you to juvie all those years ago
•"that was in the past, it was for your own good.”
•rolling your eyes, you crossed your arms
•yeah, you needed him for your plan to work but you didn’t need to be buddies with him
•"yeah, yeah. Excuses, are you gonna help or not?“
•running a hand through his receding hair, he sighed
•"we’ll help, only if you get help too y/n.”
•Mark’s mom said, holding Mina’s hand, who was now dressed in a blue dress
•"y/n, I look like Cinderella!“
•she said galloping over to you, plopping herself on the couch
•she asked you to come sit next to her, so you could braid her hair, because seungcheol’s braids were always loose
•"of course silly! Wouldn’t want Cinderella to have crazy hair, would we?”
•sitting stiffly on the couch, you moved her so she was on your lap, you began to braid
•"I agree, help them and you guys can try to fix what you did to me.“
•you said, not looking at Mark’s parents as you braided Mina’s silky black hair
•you could tell that they wanted to argue, but seungcheol walked into the room
•"look cheol! I’m Cinderella!”
•the smile on his face let you know, no matter what the adults said, you did the right thing
•"where did Mina go? Cinderella do you know?“
•seungcheol joked around, sitting next to you on the couch
•his hand gravitated towards yours, almost instantly intertwining your hands
•"y/n, mark brought clothes for you.”
•smiling at seungcheol, you pressed your lips to Mina’s head and walked to the bathroom
•mark was sitting on the sink, a towel and some clothes on his lap
•"I thought you would want long sleeved. So I brought my clothes.“
•nodding, you closed the door behind you
•"thanks dude, but what do you really want?”
•you asked, already taking off your clothes
•"do you still get nightmares? I have them but I feel like I shouldn’t, it’s been so long.“
•he said, passing you the towel and moving to the sink so you could wet the towel
•scrubbing the dirt of as best as you could, you took a second to think
•"we lived on the street for years, we had to do things we aren’t proud of. They won’t ever go away, maybe they won’t happen as much, but they’ll lurk.”
•once you were pleased with your red rubbed skin, you put the towel to dry
•"but…will I be capable of loving someone? I’m terrified that I’ll open my eyes only for a two hundred pound man to be on me.“
•he spoke quickly, snapping a band on his wrist
•getting dressed in the clothes that he had passed, you bent down like you had when you comforted Mina
•"you don’t have to do anything, we’re our own people now. We’re safe, you’re safe.”
•looking into his brown eyes, you let him look trough yours, to see if you were lying
•satisfied with what he saw, he stood up from the toilet
•grabbing your hand he smiled, this one reaching his eyes
•"let’s go back to lover boy and Cinderella.“
•squeezing his hand, you opened the door and walked back to the living room where Mina had fallen asleep on seungcheol
•but Mark’s parents were staring at the black haired teen, their jaws on the floor
•"y/n? Seungcheol is saying that you didn’t kidnap them. That you heard their mom yelling and hitting them, is this true?”
•looking at Seungcheol, his brown eyes were warm, yet they were defiant
•"yeah, I was walking home, it’s a short cut.“
•sitting down next to him, you laid your head on his shoulder, letting marks parents continue to question Seungcheol
•they told him what they would be going through, what would happen to their mom, they would be placed with a willing family member
•this was all things that you could repeat off the top of your head
•but this time you’d go through it with Mina and seungcheol
•your face the wicked woman that was their mother, when she would accuse you seungcheol would bring up that her position wasn’t the place to be making accusations
•that you were a Good Samaritan who just didn’t go through the steps the right way
•that Mina felt a better bond with you than the woman who gave birth to her
•with Mina and seungcheol, you could face anything together

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percabeth pitch perfect au

Annabeth goes to the party in the amphitheater because what else is she supposed to do? She has been initiated into this crazy lady-singing cult and she’s already drank their crazy sister-blood/cheap grocery store wine and now she’s One of Them. She has officially sold her soul. And that means she must party with them at midnight in the outdoor amphitheater for as long as she can stand it.

It’s better (or worse?) when she sees that Percy’s there. He’s too happy to accept a beer and a noogie from one of the older Trebles. When he turns and sees her walking down the stairs, the grin he gives her is near blinding.

“Annabeth!” he greets, pulling her into a clumsy hug. He is all limbs, and while Annabeth isn’t quite sure what to do with her arms, it’s clear that Percy is eager enough for the both of them. He pulls back and smiles at her. “Looks like you’re a Bella.”

“Looks like you’re trouble.”

“Ha! Right. A lot of Treble. You want a drink?”

And because he’s too much—entirely too much enthusiasm for the both of them, and perhaps that’s good (bad?)—she tells him that she’d love one. She watches him crawl over the stone benches when there’s a clear, obstacle-free aisle just a foot away, and she tells herself no, absolutely not, she will not bend. Logically, yes, he is hot. Tall, dark hair, light green eyes, broad smile. Dorkishly charming.

But she’s sworn an oath. She will not have sexual relations with a Treblemaker, no matter how hot she may find him, and seriously, how did she agree to this? The longer she looks at him, the better her chances of having her vocal cords ripped out by wolves.

(Who wrote this oath, seriously? And how prescient, knowing Annabeth would be standing in this very spot, watching carefully the grin on Percy’s face as he turned and waved at her near the keg; knowing the flip Annabeth’s heart would turn; knowing how absolutely screwed she’d be.)

Trick or Treat

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: You run into Jeon Jungkook when you’re trick or treating with your little sister. Later that night, he comes to play a trick on you, then again… would you mind? 

Word count: 2972

A/N: This is the last story from a Halloween project I’ve been working on. If you’re interested in checking out the other stories I wrote you can find them here:

Jin - Yoongi - Hoseok - Namjoon - Jimin - Taehyung - Jungkook

“Come on! Come oooooooon!!!!” Your sister shouted through the bathroom door as you washed your face. “We’re going to be late and there’s gonna be no more candy and I’ve waiting for this all year and I really want to goooooo!!”

She was a little too insisting and you were starting to get annoyed. You dried your face with your hand towel and opened the door abruptly. Whatever anger you had quickly vanished as you were welcomed by the most beautiful ladybug you had ever seen.

She was seven years old and the most annoying yet adorable little sister you could ever wish for. She would constantly bother you and make you feel angry and desperate but she was so cute and adorable that those feelings never lasted long  You were several years older than her after all.

It was Halloween and since your parents were out of town, so you were on Trick or Treat duty. You hadn’t gone trick or treating in years so deep down you were excited about it, even if it meant you couldn’t go to any of the Halloween parties you were invited to. Of course, you wanted to go out and have fun, but it wasn’t like you were dying to either; going around the neighborhood and going to bed early sounded good as well. It also meant you didn’t have to put too much effort into coming up with a costume and that was always a plus.

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