mina's scenarios

what a twice fan’s bias says about them

nayeon: gay

jeongyeon: hella gay, like so strongly attracted to their own gender

momo: very possibly the gayest fans in the fandom, they may or may not get it from their bias

sana: might be the type to say they’re ‘kinda gay’ or ‘a little bit gay’ but is actually deep down 847% gay af, this world has seen very few people who are gayer than sana-biased fans and they aren’t fooling anyone

jihyo: also gay + appreciates kickass high notes

mina: gay as well

dahyun: gay

chaeyoung: gay and probably smol too

tzuyu: straight…. i’m kidding.

Reaction (Twice): When their girlfriend proposes on stage after they win.

Jihyo: “ Aw don’t look so nervous babe of course I will become your wife!”

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Tzuyu: “Well how can I say no to that!?”

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Dahyun: “ Ah I’m blushing I cant wait to call you my wife.”

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Sana: “Um of course I will marry you omg.”

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Momo: “Omg I’m about to faint, yes I will marry you!!

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Mina: *Cute giggling smiley Mina* “Yess!!!!!!!!!”

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Chaeyoung: “Yes I will marry you, omg our wedding is going to be so cute we need to start planning it asap.”

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Nayeon: Aw did the other girls help you plan this? How cute yes I will marry you.”

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Jungyeon: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes yes yes yes yes I would love nothing more then to marry you baby.”

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~Admin N

Luck of the Draw

word count: 1431

Reader x Jin

Genre: fuckboy!Jin, soulmates name on wrist!au

A/N: This may be the first in a series based on how well you react to it, also please note that fuckboy Jin can be a dick, but the main reason Y/N hates him is because she knows she can’t resist his charms, and she hates him and herself for it.  

The silver balloons wafted from side to side between the clutter of people in the room. The gentle glow of the strobe lighting illuminating them. Banners reading ‘Happy New Year’ hung gently from every doorway and staircase, drawing attention to why I was here. In the middle of the dance floor my best friends were dancing. The silver in each of their dresses, glittering like stars as their bodies swayed to the music. And usually I would join them, making an effort to seem outstanding. But tonight I was completely rattled. The golden sequins on my dress drawing attention that was undesired. The only thing that calmed the rapid beating of my heart was the overbearing nature of straight vodka. And I consumed another heavy gulp.


I groaned, every five minutes there was a constant reminder of why my anxiety levels had skyrocketed. A reminder of everything I was trying to forget. On the contrary I had always wanted a tattoo, but not like this. I’ve never wanted someone’s name imprinted on my skin. I sighed as collapsed back in my chair in the corner of the room, every so often grabbing unsuspecting people’s drinks  and chugging them as they turn away to dance.

I glanced around the room, my gaze lingering on the people I knew, but I managed to lock eyes with the one person I despised. I may have been hysterical, but Jin looked far more nervous than me. Although that’s due to the lack of a soulmate at the age of 24. A cheeky grin appears on his face as he gestured to the swarm of girls glued to him, seemingly suggesting I should join them. My eyes roll out of habit, as I push myself off my chair and grab another drink. Without thinking I’m wandering through the party, and as my head turns back to where he stood I notice him laughing. He seems to be talking to one of his goddess like companions. Yet his eyes wander constantly and when the find me once again he chuckles. My eyes crinkle, almost shut, trying to wrap my head around the deceitful boy. He chuckles once again, his mouth raising higher on the left side, clearly finding our facial-expression-across-the-room-discussion amusing. My eyes lower, and I quickly find Mina dancing in the centre of the floor. ‘Hey,’ I call to her, gaining her attention quickly, ‘I’m going to head over to where the boys are drinking, okay?’ My cup filled hand pointing in the direction of my plans as she nods softly.  

Nevertheless, Jin cuts me off before I reach my friends. ‘Hi Y/N.’ He smirks, his glasses generously grazing the tip of his nose as they fall. ‘Nervous?’ His tongue grazes his lips painstakingly slowly as his eyes flicker between my eyes and lips. ‘Bet I’m still doing better than you.’ I mock pushing his glasses back up his nose. ‘Oh really?’ He holds his bottom lip between his teeth, as he leisurely leans his face into the crook of my neck, his cologne lacing the air around us. ‘Prove it.’ His voice adorned with lust and breathlessness, his fingers beginning to drift up and down my arms, causing small shivers to run through me. I push Jin’s body away from me, and he pouts, showcasing his bright pink lips. ‘Come on angel face,’ the nickname rolling off his tongue naturally, as a wave of small goose bumps flush over me. ‘I could make you feel so good.’ His hands moved towards my hips, but I interrupted his longing by intertwining our fingers and raised them up to my face. I sighed, trusting myself to resist the delicious charms of a fuckboy, ‘I’m disinclined to acquiesce to your request.’ His eyes scanned the way my eyes widened at his huge hand enveloping my own, his brow furrowing in confusion of my statement. His face contorted making the smallest creases around his nose and his eyebrows. I decided to see how far I could push him, pushing onto my toes and letting my lips graze over as his, letting them follow mine until I reached his ear.  ‘Means no.’ I looked back at him and dropped back to flat feet, staring into his disconcerted eyes.

I could feel his lips tug into a smug smile as my back turned to him. ‘Hey, Y/N!’ He jerked his head up to call me as I took a few steps away from him, his smug smile boring into me, ‘Did it hurt?’ I turned to him and rolled my eyes slowly, ‘When what, I fell from heaven?’ my disgusted gag was obvious as he slowly approached me, gradually intertwining our hands again, ‘No.’ he smiled, shaking his head slightly, the smile slowly dissolving into a pout as I sighed exasperatedly, ‘What then?’ my gaze shifted into a distrustful glare fixed on his eyes. A sly grin crept onto his face, looking like the devil had placed it there himself, ‘When you fell for me.’ His hands gripping mine softly and bringing them into our view as his grin only grew.

I immediately dropped his poisonous hands and ran as quickly as I could to my friends, hearing his devious laugh ring in my ears.

Before anyone could even greet me I grabbed Jacksons cup of vodka and chugged the entire thing. ‘Looks like someone’s a little nervous.’ Jackson chuckled, as he poured himself another one. ‘I don’t care if the person’s one of you guys, I don’t want to know that my life is promised away, that I’ve been genetically modified since birth to be with this person.’

‘Y/N if it makes you feel any better you know that you don’t have to be with whoever your wrist shows up with.’ Yoongi says, speaking from experience. He had the name show up the year he turned 21, two years ago. Just like everyone else his age.

‘But everyone else will want to be with their soulmate right?’ I finished his next sentence for him, taking another Jaebum’s cup before he could protest and emptying it into my all too eager stomach. ‘By the way, how is life with a soulmate?’

‘It sucks, even though they know they’re the only one you love they still get nervous when you go out. Mine seems to think I’m going to cheat.’ He ran one hand through his hair, dishevelling it as he released a very heavy sigh. ‘Anyway, soulmates are supposed to be either someone you’ve been in love with for a while, or you were destined to be with. So you’ll be fine.’ He patted me on the back, but it was the least comfort I’d felt in a while. The more the night moved on the more agitated I felt, the more tense I became.

And all too soon, it was the countdown to New Year.


My immediate reaction was to begin downing as many drinks as I could and I grabbed Yoongi’s hand and gripped it tight.



His thumb ran over the back of my hand, caressing it softly so that I could calm down, as I muttered the words ‘Save me’ to him.




I saw Mina run over to me and grab my other hand, because she was so overwhelmingly excited that she’d finally see who her soulmate was.



‘Good luck.’ Yugyeom whispered to all of us as he and the rest of the Maknae liners ran off giggling.



That’s when I saw it, the black ink that faintly began to rise on my right wrist, and seeing the name in person made me practically faint. Mina leaned over to me and got me to breathe properly. ‘Remember the first name that appears on your wrist is your worst enemy. Look mines changing now.’ She called. And as I looked over I saw the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

It was unmistakeable but the name ‘Byun Baekhyun’ written in bold black letters faded away to reveal the name ‘Jackson Wang’. But the colour was wrong, it looks like someone carved it into her skin with a knife. It’s supposed to be black. 

I looked back at my wrist but it hadn’t changed. I waited for five minutes, slowly moving up to ten but the name on my wrist never changed.

There written in black in perfect cursive was the name,

Kim Seokjin.


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Mina x Reader

Fluff ft. Clingy Mina


Word Count: 1166

Written by Admin LJ

Mina came home from work to find you in the same exact spot you had left you in earlier that day. You were on the couch, legs outstretched to reach the coffee table in front of you, laptop resting near your knees as you typed away tirelessly, eyes not even blinking as Mina walked in.

For hours, you had been working on a research paper that was due soon. You would have had it done weeks ago if it weren’t for you procrastinating up until just a few days before the due date, and as a result, you had been researching your topic since before the sun was even up this morning, and by the time Mina came home, you were only  a page and a half into typing the paper.

You wished you didn’t procrastinate this entire time, but you had much better things to be doing than writing a ten page paper on something you weren’t even interested in, but when it was nearly time to submit the paper, you realized that you had to do it, and now, with only a couple of days left to complete it, with your job and other responsibilities in between, you were in crunch mode.

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Twice Reaction To You Speaking English To Them (in a fan meet)

Mina: Even though mina is very confident with her english, she would be really amazed to listen to you speak it so fluently and correctly. She would be really talkative and would try her best to keep up with you. 

Dahyun: I think dahyun would go crazy ate the moment you switched from fluent korean to fluent english. She would ask you to say different things in english and korean. 

Momo: She would be SO confused once you switched from korean to english. Since she’s not so good at english, she would start to talk to you in japanese to make you confused as well. It would be a mess of languages. 

Jeongyeon: She would try her best to talk to you in english. She would be so jealous that you could speak english so well. It amazed her how every word that came out of your mouth sounded so weird (in a good way) and perfect.

Tzuyu: Just like mina, tzuyu is very confident about her english, but she would be really surprised when you presented yourself in english. I think she would answer some things and try to make some jokes in english. She would pay attention in every detail of every word and pronunciation. 

“your english is so good. how do you do that?”

Chaeyoung: Chaeng would be shocked to hear you speaking english. Even though she didn’t understand much, she would try to talk to you. She would ask you to translate several words from english to korean and would be really impressed by how fast you translated them.

Sana: Since she’s not so good at english, I think that just like momo she would mess up with you speaking japanese. When she realised that you were getting a little confused about her speaking japanese she would stop and talk to you properly.

Jihyo: Like a proud mom, jihyo would be so amazed to see that your english is so good. She would try to talk to you with everything she knows of english, even if is not much. 

Nayeon: When you introduced yourself in korean but started to speak english she would be really surprised. Her english is not terrible but it’s not so good either, so she wouldn’t talk as much as the other members. However, she would feel more comfortable to talk to you in korean. 

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Twice Reaction to You Wearing T-Shirt & Panties (REQUESTED)


“The bedroom is that way. I will see you in there.”


*avoids eye contact* “Aish! Can you put on some pants?” *is super turned on*


*super flirty* “That’s one way to welcome a girl home.”


“Suddenly, I’m not so hungry. Not for food at least.”


*blushes furiously* “ (Y/N) Why do you do this to me?”


“Come here. Now.”


*tries to turn you on* “What? I’m just stretching.”


*error* *can’t process this situation*


“I expect you in the bedroom, with nothing on.”

Twice Reaction: You Suddenly Hold Her Hand

Nayeon: In my eyes she’s one of the cockier girls of the group, so I think after flashing you a wink she’d keep holding on until she had to let go 

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 Jeongyeon: I think personally when it comes to most things Jeongyeon is very passionate, so when you grab her hand and interlace your fingers, she’ll put her hand on top of both of your guys’ hands, confirming that she’s content 

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Momo: This girl omfg she would be like whaaaaaaaaaaat and then you’d pull your hand away in embarrassment, only to have her reach out for it a couple seconds later 

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 Sana: I imagine you holding her hand on the down low, like she could be talking to someone and you’d just casually start holding it. She wouldn’t react much, but she would give your hand a nice squeeze 

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Jihyo: She would be enthusiastic about the new situation. “We should totally do this more often,” She’d casually throw out there while slightly shaking your hands for emphasis 

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Mina: Ah Mina… She would get sooo flustered by your affection. She’d slowly start to intertwine fingers with yours while failing to hold back a smile

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 Dahyun: Dahyun would quickly look to see who grabbed her hand so suddenly. Finding out it’s you, she’d plaster on a smirk and start poking you with her free hand. “Awww you liiiiiiike me!”

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Chaeyoung: She’d be delighted! She was doing something though, but she promises that when you guys are together later there can be more hand holding 

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 Tzuyu: Being the sassy lady she is, she wouldn’t take kindly to you abruptly holding her hand. But after seeing your sad/embarrassed reaction to her sass, she’d go into sweet mode and grab both your hands and start swinging her arms

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Mina’s Girlfriend?

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Mina x Reader

Secret Relationship


Word Count: 549

Admin Michelle

Can you meet up today?

Mina read over the text a couple more times, debating whether or not it would be worth the risk. There was no Twice schedule planned for the day but, also, she couldn’t really tell the other girls “I’m going to meet my girlfriend be back in an hour.”

Her mind was made up, though, when you texted her again saying you had a surprise for her. She got dressed and tip toed her way out of the dorm while no one else was paying attention.

“She’s not answering her phone,” Jihyo sighed, hanging up after getting Mina’s voicemail for the third time. Sneaking out of the dorm wasn’t something that she did, at least not by herself. Usually, if they girls wanted out for a bit, they would go in pairs and have everyone else cover for them until they got back. Disappearing alone and not answering phone calls wasn’t very Mina. So, of course, the other girls were worried.

The eight of them exchanged looks before decided that someone had to go find her. After a very intense game of rock paper scissors, Jihyo, Nayeon and Jeongyeon were put in charge of finding Mina. The three of them got dressed in their hoodies and masks and made sure the rest of them all had their phones and knew what the cover story was in case the manager showed up.

“I can’t believe Mina snuck out without the rest of us,” Jihyo mumbled as they started walking around the neighborhood. They had decided that they were going to check everywhere from the convenience store to the used booksellers, taking turns calling Mina as they walked.

“I know,” Nayeon replied. “If anything, you’d think it would be me or maybe Dahyun…I wonder where she went.”

“Guys,” Jeongyeon said, stopping in the middle of the sidewalk. “I think I found her…”

The other two followed Jeongyeon’s wide eyed gaze, their expressions changing to match hers. From where they stood, they could see you and Mina walking hand in hand, Mina leaning slightly against you. She was holding a small gift bag in her hand and smiling brightly. You whispered something in her ear that sent a laugh rippling through her.

Her smile faded, however, when she looked up and saw her members. They ran up to the two of you, throwing all sorts of questions at you.

“Who is this?”

“How long have you been dating?”

“Why didn’t you tell us?”

After lots of explaining on Mina’s part and awkward introductions from you, the girls finally got around to dragging Mina back to the dorm, scolding her the whole way for keeping something this big from them. This only continued once the other girls found out. They all asked to see pictures and wanted to get as many details from Mina as they could.

“She’s so cute!” Chaeng gushed.

“When do we get to meet her?” Tzuyu asked.

“Maybe on another off day…”

Everyone talked for a bit more before Mina was finally able to make it to her room, letting out a huge sigh of relief.

Checking her phone, she saw a few messages from you.

You’re not in trouble are you?

What’d they say?

Smiling softly, Mina replied, They can’t wait to meet you.

Twice Reaction When You Kiss Her in the Middle of a Sentence

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Sana would lose her mind. She’d hug you and be so happy with the skinship.

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Nayeon would be surprised. “Why did you do that?” she’d asked as you giggle and wrap you arms around her.

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Dahyun wouldn’t know to react. You’d turn away and she’d give herself a pep talk to kiss you again.

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Mina would go into her Black Swan mode. She’d put up a front that it didn’t phase her, but inside she’d be freaking out.

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Jihyo would just start blabbering. Her mind would be going a mile a minute, anything to get her mind off of what just happened.

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Tzuyu would almost immediately kiss you back. Although she seemed confident, in the back of her mind she’d be super anxious.

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Momo would get super flirty. “You just can’t help yourself, huh? Am I just that hot?” she’d say with a chuckle.

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Jungyeon would smirk. Not only does she have a gorgeous girlfriend, but she has a girl who is badass enough to do something like that.

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Chaeyoung would start teasing you as the no fun little sister she is. You better expect a million kissy faces for the rest of the day.


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PART 1 (part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5 end + smut)

The alarm clock rings at 6.30 am. It’s a Monday morning here at the Sports academy of Seoul, and I have zero intentions to get off my bed. This school is a sport school, where the best young athletes come and practice their skills to improve them, and prepare theirselves to be professional athletes.

This school is divided by clubs/teams. I’m on the martial arts club. I really love that sport, since my father is a well known kung fu teacher. He taught me a lot through these years, and I can say that i’m pretty good with kicks and punches.

“Wake up Y/N, it’s already 7.15 am! You’re gonna be late!” my roommate started yelling at me.I didn’t notice that I slept again after the alarm clock rang.

“Alright..” I said as my feet touch the cold floor.

“I’m going now, I have to practice early today, see ya later!” Mina waved at me and left.

Mina has my same age, and she’s on the ballet club. She’s amazing at dancing, her movement are so soft and flawless. She practices a lot, even in early morning.

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I waved back, and then went to the bathroom.

I take a shower and dress up. 

7.30 am

I’m not that late. I go to the dormitory’s exit and start to walk to the courtyyard.

“Ya paboyaaa!” that loud voice sounds so familiar to me.

“Jaehyun-ah!” I say while hitting him gently on the shoulder.

“Did I scare you?” he said laughing 

“Not even a little bit my dear” I said, laughing along.

“no? and why did you scream?” he said teasing on me.

“TSK” i looked at him with eyes full of hate.

He’s Jaehyun, my silly and sometimes annoying bestfriend. He’s like a brother for me, nothing else. I can’t imagine him as a lover. We are bestfriend since birth, because our fathers were bestfriend too, they were both sports lovers.

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I’m so close to him, I can tell him anything without worrying, I trust him so much.

Jeaehyun is the typical good-looking captain of the basket team of our school. It’s thanks to him and his teammates that our school won lots of basket trophies. He’s talented like his father. I remember me watching their practices on my practices breaks, since we were  neighbours too.

He helped me a lot with kung fu practices too, he was like my punch doll. One time I made his eye black, and he cried for two days, but we’re still friend after all.

Lots of girls have a crush on him, but his heart beats only for one girl.

That girl’s name is Tzuyu, from the gymnastics club. She’s tall, beautiful, kind and all, in one word she’s perfect, like a model.

I don’t think that she knows that Jaehyun has a crush on him, because he didn’t confessed to her yet, even if I told him to do so lots of times, but nothing.

She’s chinese, and she’s pretty good at her sport.

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She has an half brother, WinWin, and they have the same age.

They’re both our classmates.

WinWin is the smartest in our class, he’s a little bit nerdy, but he’s still cute and seems innocent like a child.

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He’s in the gymnastics team like his sister Tzuyu, but in the boys team.

One day I saw him practising since our gyms are near, and he’s amazing with those acrobatic movements, I was really amazed.

Originally posted by taesyong

“Y/N! look! Tzuyu is going there, let’s follow her!” my thoughts were interrupted by my bestfriend as he grab my arm begins to run.

Now, we are in front of girls with cameras, they were taking photos to someone famous I think.

Even Tzuyu is there taking pictures and Jaehyun seems a little bit jealous.

“Who is he?” I asked to Jaehyun.

“Nakamoto Yuta..” Jaehyun doesn’t even look at me, he’s focusing on Tzuyu.

“Naka-what?!” I said a litte bit loud.

Jaehyun looked at me and did the ‘shh’ sign, but it was too late.

Everyone was looking at me, whispering to each other.

Even that ‘famous’ guy noticed me.

He comes closer.

“You are attending a sport school and you don’t know who I am? What a bunch of idiots we have here.” He said.

“Pardon?” I said crossing my arms.

“You heard me babe.” he said with an annoying smile.

“Don’t call me babe.” I said with eyes full of hate. I can’t control my self easily.

“Babe you’re so stupid” he said again.

Okay, it’s time to destroy that jerk perfect face.

My punch was about to hit him in the face.

“Y/N hey, stop please.. “ Jaehyun stopped my hand.

The others’ where scared.

“So, you can’t hit me? hah, you’re so weak” he said with that smile.

“Jaehyun, leave me.” I said trying to get off Jaehyun’s hand.

“Y/N you will be in trouble if you punch him!” he said again.

I listen to Jaehyun.

“I’m still wondering why you are in this prestigous school if you don’t even know how to punch.” he said.

“shut the fuck up!” I yelled at him, ready to punch him again.


oh no, it was the headmaster.

Yuta did the innocent gesture, and looked at me, laughing.

“Miss y/n in presidency!” she yelled at me.

It was all his fault, and now in trouble becasue of him. I hate him.

“you too Yuta..” She said again.

I looked at him badly, and he still laughs, what a jerk!

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Just Out Of Reach

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Mina x Reader



Word Count: 1156

Written by Admin LJ

When Mina first suggested that you two should break up, you thought she was joking. It had been so out of the blue, you thought it couldn’t be anything but a way to tease you. You only laughed and rolled your eyes before going back to reading your book that you had been absorbed in that night as the two of you laid together in your bed after Mina had finished with work.

When she told she was serious, you felt as though someone was holding you in a bucket of ice water as you fought for your breath, your book falling from your hands as you struggled to process those words. Those words, those awful words that still sounded beautiful coming from Mina’s perfect mouth, that made every part of your body feel as though it was fading into nothingness. Your first instinct was to reach for Mina, desperately, tears already forming in those big, beautiful eyes Mina always said were the equivalent of what she thought heaven looked like, but she was just out of reach.

You learned that she’d always be out of reach.

She had broken up with you a week ago. There was no explanation. She had left that night, so abruptly, with a pale, distraught face that was quite similar to your own, with hardly another word after the strangled apology she breathed as she shut your door, leaving you alone, in a state of despair that felt as though it was swallowing you whole, so slowly, as if the world had wanted you to suffer.

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Reaction (AOA): To you acting cute/doing aegyo

Choa: “You did a good job bby, now you get a heart from me!”

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Jimin: “You should do aegyo for me more often babe. ;)”

Originally posted by exottraction

Yuna: *Image you are Hyejeong* “Aw you are so cute I just want to cuddle you all day!”

Originally posted by visualangel

Mina: “Wooo you go baby you are the cutest gf ever!”

Originally posted by visualangel

Seolhyun: “You are adorable baby, you will get lots of kisses from me.😘”

Originally posted by woorijadoo

Chanmi: “Aw your aegyo is better then mine. *pouts* “

Originally posted by sohyun

Hyejeong: “Wow I cant believe my girlfriend is the cutest person ever!”

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Mina x Reader



Word Count: 1518

Written by Admin LJ

You told yourself it was only going to be one drink.

Of course, one drink never actually equates to one drink when it comes to parties. One turns into two, and two turns into three, and then suddenly you’re partaking in rounds of shots.

That’s how Mina got stuck babysitting you, in your incredibly drunken state. It was better off that way, at least, as most people probably couldn’t handle you like Mina could.

It was your first time getting drunk, and it showed by the way you took careful sips of beer at the beginning of the party, but as the event went on you got careless, drinking a bit of everything there was to try, and not an hour later you were wobbling through the party hall, nearly tripping in your heels every few steps, until you found Mina, who was just returning to the party after a trip to the bathroom to fix her hair.

“Minariiiii~” you called to your friend a little too loudly, startling Mina the moment she came out of the restroom. “What’re you doin’ all the way over here away from the party?” You took a step forward into Mina’s comfort zone, which caused her to tense up a bit, and at that close proximity, she almost immediately smelled the alcohol that lingered in your breath.

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