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🔥Roaring sports festival comes to a climax🔥

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Floral Minds by Minas Halaj

Incorporating elements of classical education with contemporary influences, Minas Halaj’s art manifests itself by way of a symphony of graphics, sculptures, collages and figurative compositions. 

Halaj uses a variety of recycled material including tar as part of the background and pieces of a pre-Victorian dresses to add texture and dimension making his work deeply complex. Peep more of Halaj’s work at http://minashalajart.com/ (via Juxtapoz)



some twitter BNHA warmup doodles from the past couple days, most of which i had to painstakingly edit out my twitter name from and replace it with my tumblr handle bc I D IDN’T. SAVE. ANY RAW FILES LIKE AN IDIOT. way to go me. 

i rly like drawing bokuaca tho, i feel like it fits my style really well!

(please don’t repost/use without permission)

EDIT: oh, and an extra all might: