My skinny&pretty rules for 2017!

1. 700-1000 cals till i hit my GW, after that stabilization but no more than 1600.

2. Gym gym gym 3-5times per week for keeping me in shape (cardio&strenght straining)

3. 2-3l water & take vitamis

4. No junk food and sweets

5. Mostly  fruit and veggies for glowing skin

6. Studystudystudy !! 30-60 min everyday at least

7.  Skin and hair care must be on top

8. long&painted nails

9. find a work and save money

10. Fit into that cute XS clothes& dont let them be too tight

11. Outfit must be on fleek

12. Make up on fleek too

13. Take cute pics&keep my instagram active

14. get enough sleep

15. socialize more

Yoongis green hair

well some looks more like turqoise but fuck it he looks great so appreciate it yall

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Snake Braid | 5 Minute Hairstyles

So you’re running late for school or work and you want to do something to your hair.  Anything!  You just want to change it up from your usual ponytail and stray away from keeping it naturally down.  Grab your brush and a couple of bobby pins, and in five minutes (or less), you’ve got the Snake Braid!


1) Brush

2) Bobby Pins


1) Start by brushing your hair.

2) Take a small section of hair from the front of the head.

3) Create a regular three strand braid.

4) Once you are at the bottom of the braid, hold one of the outer pieces in one hand.  Hold the other two pieces in your other hand.

5) Securely hold your single piece of hair in place and slide (scrunch) the other two pieces upwards. 

6) Pull the sections of hair slightly apart so that it appears to look like a slithering snake.

7) Bobby pin into place and spray with hairspray.

Kim Taehyung x Min Yoongi // lineart

fairy prince jin!

  • has hair long enough to reach his knees
  • has the prettiest golden eyes in the kingdom
  • enjoys horseback riding and swordplay, much to the surprise of everyone who doesn’t know him (they assume from his looks that he enjoys poetry and whatnot–which he does! but he prefers physical activities more)
  • enjoys fishing (canon lmao)
  • because of his royal lineage, he can control all the elements (unlike most fairies that can only control one ie. a water fairy can control water)
  • would like to study humans up close someday
  • close friends with the goblin king in the neighboring kingdom, much to the surprise of everyone who has heard of the goblin king (because the king can be quite grumpy at times, jin thinks he’s funny) 

a steven bust because it’s been too long since i’ve drawn him

Super Ponytail | 5 Minute Hairstyles

With back to school just around the corner, I thought August would be a perfect time to do a month of 5 Minute Hairstyles!  For the rest of the month, I will be posting quick styles that are easy to complete during your morning rush.  Today’s style is what I call the Super Ponytail.  What makes it so super is that it appears to be a high ponytail, but with all the length of your natural hair.


1) Brush

2) Two Hair Ties


1) Begin by brushing your hair.

2) Split your hair into a top and bottom section.  Try to keep them fairly even.

3) Tie the top half into a high ponytail (just like a normal half updo).

4) Take the bottom section and tie it into a tight low ponytail.

5) Use the top ponytail to cover the bottom ponytail hair tie so that it appears to be one extra long ponytail.  Spray with hairspray to finish.