This is what I show to someone next time they ask who bts is


Yoonmin Tinder AU


When Taehyung and Jungkook sign Jimin up for Tinder as a joke, they never thought they’d find the Agust D’s account. Jimin is not as impressed. He’s been through enough heartbreaks in the past to know it’s too good to be true. There’s no way his idol likes him, especially with that profile picture. Will Jimin’s messy relationship history get in the way of his happiness?

But why does it matter? He’s not actually talking to Min Yoongi.

German by @minlele

Russian by @ihavefuckedupthislifeyep


Taehyung knows everything ;)

Congrats to BTS who won 7 categories on Soompi Awards.

-Artist of the year

-Album of the year

-Song of the Year

-Fuse MV of the year

-Best Choreography

-Best Collaboration

-Best Idol Actor(Taehyung)