jimin just said that yoongi’s firing was cute, same jimin same

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This is the same guy whose tongue technology sets me on fire every damn time he raps???? But he’s so freaking adorable and squishy here what the bloody hell??????? I legit almost forgot that he’s older than Namjoon??? MIN YOONGI YOU DANGEROUS MAN I WILL SUE™ YOU!!!

Actual conversation I had with my mom
  • *me and my mom Listening to awake by bts in the car*
  • My mom: I had a dream about them
  • Me: who?
  • My mom: bts it was about that one song fire
  • Me: *just staring at her
  • Me: I've done it, my work here is done... I can die happily now... put me in my grave
  • My mom: *hobis wtf face*
Reflections // Yoongi

Drabble game request: Yoongi + “How could I ever forget about you" + Angst | for anon

Word count: 1,562 words

Character: Yoongi x reader

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BTS Reaction to Foreign GF Learning Chopsticks Use

Request: Hey can you do a reaction to their foreign gf being exited bc she finally learned how to eat with chopsicks? Thank you in advance☺🌼 (No Problem! ^.^)

*Credit to gif owners*

Jin: He knew how hard you had been working on using chopsticks perfectly. The moment he saw your face shine brightly, looking at him with a bright smile; he couldn’t help smiling back and staring at your excited state. You’d be eating and giggling from your happiness and he’d just stare at your lil happy form.

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Suga: You’d be ecstatic but Yoongi wouldn’t believe you. Just that morning you were struggling like a baby and now you were an expert. Who exactly has been teaching you? His eyes narrowed, thinking the chopsticks you were using were also just magical. He’d take out chopsticks from his sleeve and say, “Try these ones.”

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J-Hope: You gave him a surprised expression once you picked up the sushi like it was something you were a natural at, and Hoseok slowly raised his hand. “Yaaaas,” he’d say, hearing you say that to your friends all the time. You’d just laugh and give him a high five, receiving a pleased smile from him.

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RapMonster: “Pretend it’s a pencil,” he said, waiting for you to hold one like you were about to write. “Then slide this one here…and..voila!” The way he had you holding the chopsticks felt perfect, and when you could easily eat your food, you squealed in happiness. “You see, babe?” He’d say, “I knew you could do it!”

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Jimin: He stared at you in awe the moment you began to act like a child who got a new toy, jumping in glee from finally being able to use the chopsticks without struggling. You were being too cute, and he stuck his bottom lip out; almost tearing up at your cuteness. He couldn’t resist the urge to embrace and kiss you.

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V: Taehyung would stare at you blankly as you were grabbing every piece of food on the table with chopsticks happily. You looked like you won the greatest prize ever, and when you finally looked to him with a childlike expression, a smile would break his blank expression and he’d give you an innocent kiss of appreciation. “You’re adorable.

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Jungkook: “Jungkook!” You’d gasp, showing him how you could use chopsticks easily now as if you just found diamonds. He’d stare at you, looking at how beautiful you looked while you fed him in awe. A bright smile would stretch across his lips and you’d tilt your head to the side. “Don’t you think I’m awesome?” You’d say and he’d laugh.


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