BTS Reaction | Watching porn together

Anon request; Bts reaction to you asking them to watch porn together and you’re just friends

Anon request; bts are your best friends and you watch porn together and they or the reader touch themselves or both and they want to do more.

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BTS react to their S/O having small and cold hands

I’m doing this in a bullet point format because i feel like writing a paragraph wouldn’t fit

(Also did you mean me i mean i have poor circulation so my hands are cold and i have super small hands, like, almost 16 cm from wrist to middle finger)


  • won’t notice until he tries to hold your hand
  • will just look at your hands are stare
  • would find it so cute tho
  • makes you caress his face just because they’re cute to him
  • always asking of you’re sick because of how cold your hands are
  • “lemme cook you something warm to heat you up”


  • Wouldn’t notice unless you told him cause hes always staring at your beautiful face
  • would hold your hands whenever he could because “he wants to make them warm”
  • really just loves when your small hands are interlocked with his
  • will totally tease you about it
  • but actually finds your hands adorable
  • “are your hands always this cold?”
  • lowkey worried but knows that you’re fine


  • one day you will be holding something and he will just be like
  • ,, wait
  • totally compares how big your hands are all the time
  • “hey Y/N are your hands bigger than my phone?’
  • whenever you eat he just notices how big the food looks and will just be in awe
  • loves your hands so much
  • worried when he realizes how cold they are
  • will ask if they need to be checked out all the time 

Rap Monster/Namjoon:

  • holds your hand whenever he can cause it feels so small in his enormous hands
  • whenever you’re cuddling he will just grab your hands or rest his hands on yours
  • just because he thinks they’re so small
  • fascinated as to how cold they are
  • will force you to wear mittens when its even remotely cold


  • is amazed that someone has smaller hands than him
  • will constantly compare hand sizes
  • “have your hands grown yet?”
  • totally loves it tho
  • will tease you that he has bigger hands
  • will comment about how cold they are constantly
  • always asks if you need a blanket


  • totally a cutie about it
  • “are your hands normal?”
  • will say that your hands are tiny because his hands are  so  big
  • will totally tease you for it 
  • but only cause he loves you
  • lends you his mitts in the winter “cause you need them more than he does”
  • thinks you have hypothermia 24/7


  • smiles whenever you hold his hand
  • amazed at their size
  • will blush whenever you cup his face to kiss him
  • or whenever your hands touch his skin in general
  • “babe are you ok? your hands are so cold!”
  • will totally wrap your hands in his sweater paws 
  • whenever your hands are cold and you hold his hand he’ll shiver just to tease you

hope you enjoyed that. i relate this ask too much lmao

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Bts reaction to you jokingly slapping their ass


Seokjin Seokjin would shyly smile at you. He wasn’t used to public displays of affection. He would find it cute, and brush it off to hide his embarrassment.


Yoongi: Yoongi would freeze, and whip around to flash you with a sassy look. He would belittle you by silently shaming you.

“Really Y/N, we’re in public.”

Hoseok would love it when you smack his butt. He would turn towards you and fashion a giddy jig. Smacking his butt would turn hoseok on.

“You’re so dirty babe”

Namjoon: Namjoon would laugh, not minding it at all. Although the members teased him for it, he found the way you tap people’s butts when you’re excited cute.


Jimin: Slapping Jimin’s ass would only provoke his dirty mind. He would wear a smug look, and confidently shake his ass while walking in front of you.

“I already know you like my ass babe, you don’t have to prove it.”

Taehyung: Taehyung would be full of giggles every time you slap him. He would flash his bashful smile, and reciprocate with goofy pokes to your stomach.

“Jagi! You’re embarrassing me in front of my hyungs” 

Jungkook Jungkook would turn towards you and smirk. No words were needed. He would find it amusing to tease you, and acts like the slap doesn’t affect him.


-Sinners J & Y

ok but this is actually me taking in and absorbing what bts feeds us


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BTS - Reaction to Your Interactions With Kids

You were sitting at a restaurant, eating lunch with Jin when a couple with a baby sat at the table beside you. The baby kept making faces and waving at you so you did the same in return. Jin was quite amused seeing how excited you got over the baby trying to interact with you. When the mother started feeding the baby, Jin took it upon himself to suggest something. “What do you think about us having one?” A smile spread across your face and he reached over to take your hand in his.

As you were taking a stroll through a park with Yoongi, a little kid came up to you and gave you a flower. You gave them a small bow and said thank you. Yoongi could tell how happy that made you. He knew that you enjoyed kids and the smile on your face made him even more sure. “We could have a little person of our own to bring you flowers they pick up.” You glanced over at him, not thinking he was serious until you saw his expression. “Seriously Yoongs!! That would be amazing.” He pulled you close for a kiss and then you both watched the boy admiringly as he ran back to his family.

Your heart melted when you watched your friend’s toddler walk over to her and hug her tightly. They were over at your house for a get together and you had been in love with the little guy since he first waved at you and giggled. Hoseok had been standing across the room speaking with some of his friends and noticed how much you liked this kid. The little boy then walked over to you and raised his arms, suggesting that he wanted to sit with you. Your face lit up as your reached down and brought him onto your lap. Later, when you and Hoseok were in the kitchen alone preparing some food, he gave you a big hug. “So when should we have one of our own?” He turned his head to look at the toddler playing peek a boo with another one of your guests. You exclaimed in excitement and he kissed your forehead.  

Namjoon had dragged you out to the dancefloor at a wedding for a relative. Both of you were not the best at dancing, but you still tried your best. When one of your little distant cousins walked up and grabbed your hand to dance with you, you couldn’t refuse. Their little hand felt so tiny inside your own. Joon had taken their other hand and you were dancing in a small circle. Before they went back to sit with their parents they gave you both a kiss on the cheek and then they scampered off. “I think I want one,” you turned in surprise at your boyfriend’s words. He was smirking watching your cousin run into their parent’s embrace. “Alright babe. We will, but maybe wait a bit.” He nodded and wrapped his arms around you, swaying to the beat of the slow song that was now playing.

You had been asked to babysit by a close friend of yours. Jimin, who wanted to spend some time with you, tagged along. The baby was a little over a year old, still requiring diaper changes which you both participated in. Feeding her was quite a task which ended in food all over the high chair and herself. When it was finally time to go to sleep, you held her in your arms while Jimin softly sand some lullabies. You were both sitting on the couch, the sleeping girl resting her head on your shoulder when he looked over at you with a loving gaze. “Isn’t this nice Jagi?” You nodded and he moved to kiss your cheek and rub the baby’s head. “This could be us with our own little girl one day.”

Going to a store with Tae was always interesting. This time you randomly dragged him over to the baby section to freak out over the little clothes. Another woman was browsing in the same area with a newborn in the stroller. You couldn’t help but watch the baby as Tae threw an arm over your shoulder. “We will get there someday Jagiya. Then we can fawn over little clothes for our own baby.” You reached up to grab his hand that was hanging over your chest and he kissed your head.

Kookie wanted to take you out for ice cream on a warm summer day after he got done with practice. You were sharing a big sundae when you looked over and noticed a little boy who seemed to be enjoying his ice cream. There was a giant mess on his face, but he smiled widely, not caring one bit. Jungkook noticed that you had zoned out looking at the boy. “He is pretty cute huh?” You looked back over at Kookie who laughed. “He sure is,” you turned back to look at the boy one last time, his hands covered with his half-melted chocolate ice cream. “Someday we could bring our kids here for their first sundae.” Shocked that he even brought your own future kids up you gave a questioning expression. “Hey now, I didn’t mean immediately.” You gave a little smile just thinking about Kookie as a dad. He filled a spoon with ice cream and fed it to you, trying to take the amused look off your face.



❗ When you and Yoongi are fake dating because you want to come back with your ex, but he fells in love with you ❗

For anon, I hope you like it!

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