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everyone needs to understand that kim seokjin is more than ‘just a pretty face’. he is an incredibly hardworking and talented person who tries to better himself day in and day out, despite being constantly told that he’s not talented or undeserving of lines or screen time. he very rarely complains and suffers and struggles quietly but still keeps a smile on his face and makes silly jokes to keep his fans happy. he deserves all the love and appreciation in the world and it’s so frustrating to watch bighit and some fans brush him off and disregard him like they tend to do. this boy is a damn inspiration and he shines brighter than every star in the universe and it’s damn well time that people start acknowledging that.


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❗ When you and Yoongi are fake dating because you want to come back with your ex, but he fells in love with you ❗

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Make Me Choose:

YoonKook or Jikook - anon

Let me continue praising you more. Humorous. Cool-headed judgement. Charisma. Min Suga is the man who has them all. I want him - Jungkook (bday video for Suga)

BTS react to you holding them after practice

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Seokjin would love it. He’d love being pampered and taken care of after working so hard to get those damn dance moves right. He’d be super grateful that you were okay with just holding him and talking to him about your day and fun things you learned. You’d massage his shoulder and kiss his neck and he’d feel really happy to be there. Just warm and fuzzy. 


Yoongi would be happy to relax and be warm, however, you better be ready to stay for a while. He’d live for these moments where he’s snuggled against you and you’re massaging his scalp until he dozes off for a while. He’d later thank you for letting him sleep, but until then you’d have to hold him until he awakes. He’d feel the most relaxed and rested when you were holding him.


Hoseok would start off by being the one to hug you and hold you and you’d have to ask him to be the one to hold him for once, since he would instinctively want to be the one doing all the snuggling. He would let you and immediately relax, still energetically chatting about his day with you until you started massaging his sore muscles. Then he’d go limp and fall asleep against you.

Rap Monster:

Namjoon would have trouble letting you hug him at first. He wouldn’t hate it or be opposed to it at all, he’d just feel as though it’s more his job to hold you. But he’d get used to being held instead of being held and would quickly come to enjoy snuggling into you and making an inappropriate joke here and there while you discuss things that interest you.


Jimin would live for it. But he’d also be hella obnoxious. A lot of moving around, sometimes elbowing you in the rib and having to apologise for 10 minutes about it. But the moment you started stroking his hair and humming something to him, he’d chill out and eventually fall asleep against you. However, be ready to get quite a few requests to be held from there onwards.


Taehyung would find it super comforting and even if he would fidget and move around a bit, it wouldn’t be as obnoxious as Jimin. He’d chatter, scroll through social media, laugh at videos with you and just generally catch up with you. He probably wouldn’t fall asleep in your arms too quickly, but would love being massaged, especially when you stroked his hair.


Jungkook would request long hugs, assuming you’d been dating for a while and he was comfortable around you. He’d just love holding you and being held. As the Maknae, he is used to being doted upon and he lowkey loves it. So this would be his favourite activity with you. Laying on the couch watching anime or movies, or just co-existing silently.

BTS reaction to their gf trying to be the big spoon

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He would probably argue that it would be better for him to be the big spoon, as his shoulders would make it difficult for you to fully wrap yourself around him, but overall he wouldn’t care as long as you’re cuddling

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If he was awake, he would refuse. If you caught him when he was half-asleep, he would cuddle further into you, only to deny it when he woke up

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He would not care at all. He probably refers to your relationship as a “medium spoon” because you two cuddle each other equally, rather than have a designated big/little spoon relationship

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He would probably be more comfortable as the big spoon, but if you really wanted, he would agree to being the little spoon on occasion

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He is adamant about being the big spoon. If you try to change things, he will shut you down immediately.

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Seeing the way he’s cuddled with the other members, he usually takes up the little spoon position anyway, so he would be okay with it. As long as you were cuddling in some way, he wouldn’t care.

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Like Jimin, he refuses to be anything but the big spoon. However, if he was really stressed or emotional, he would prefer being the little spoon.

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