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BTS reaction to a stranger kissing you

“Could I ask for a reaction of BTS (being your boyfriend) when you tell them a guy kissed you and you didn’t want him to so you pushed him.” Requested by @thedawnsky Here you go sweetie!


Jin: I think Jin would first be really scared. He would be asking you if he didn’t do anything else etc. He would be holding you in his arms and check every single part of your body~ Then when he would meet the guy he would have the same expression he has on the gif. He would be quite arrogant and threatening. “Which type of silly man are you to be kissing my girlfriend like that?” He would tilt his head to the side and won’t go into fights. He would just threaten the guy not to meet you ever again.

SUGA: Though he is a pretty calm guy he can become upset and mad pretty quickly other simple things and I bet he is like that in his job too~ So what would it be if you told him someone kissed you and you were against it? He would become so mad he would ask you “Who’s this asshole?” and he may become quite agressive and swear a lot. You would have to calm him down before he would possibly get into a fight with this guy or before he would break stuffs into the house.

Rap Monster: I think it would take some seconds to him to realize what you just said. He would first think you’re joking or some kind of things but as soon as he’ll realize you’re trembeling etc he would understand it really happened. He would be quite confused and become kind of empty yet angry. I think he won’t really start a fight with the guy as long as you don’t see him again or as long as he doesn’t show up. Otherwise he would get into a fight. He would be asking some friends of yours who is he and he would try to spy on him or he would ask them how it all went.

J-hope: He may ‘overreact’. As soon as you’ll tell him what happened he would be freaking out. He would be asking you-hafl yelling- if you’re ok and if he didn’t hurt you. He would be sorrying so much he won’t be able to listen to what you were saying/explaining to him. So you’ll have to make him shut his face and scowl him a bit. You’ll finally tell him how you feel right now and he would be mid worry and mid angry while listening to you and nodding at every single one of your statements.

Jimin: I think his blood would be boiling up in no time right after you’ll tell him. He won’t be able to think straight and he would get into a fight with him for sure. “Does he wanna die?” He would loosen his tie. You’ll have to intervene and hold him back so he would be able to listen to you eventhough he would still be tensed because of the wrath that took other him and still hadn’t left him. He would make efforts and try to listen to what you want him to do so he won’t be diappointing you or hurt you because/during the fight.

V: I think he would become angry and he would feel so guilty. He would think like all of this happened because he wasn’t there beside you and he wasn’t there to protect you. Thus he may be crying and excuse himself many times. You’ll have to hug him tight and kiss him to reassure him that you’re ok though it won’t be enough. He wouldn’t want to let you go all alone at a party or some similar events anymore.

Jungkook: “Where is he?” Jungkook would prepare himself to fight. I think he won’t be scared to fight against someone who would seem stronger than him. He would be pretty reckless when it comes to that but I believe the fact that he would actually be fighting for his girl would make him feel like a man so he won’t really care afterall.

BONUS: What if Jin would actaullay get into a fight? (Nah… But just look at Namjoon’s face though! XD)


I hope you all love this react? Please if something like that ever happen to you, even something bigger, don’t stay silent. Speak about it to your closest friends, they are here to help you! ♥ If you don’t feel like telling them or if you don’t really have friends: I’m here for you! ♥ Fighting!


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