min oo

MultiSectional People Problems

How my practice sessions go:

Me: Ok time to play clarinet!

*5 min later*

Me: Oo maybe I should play my alto.

*3 min later*

Me: Wait I have that piece for the bari to practice.

*4 min later*

Me: But I haven’t played piano in forever!

*1 min later*

Me: My bugle looks so lonely.

*5 min later*

Me: I wonder if I can play the guitar…

*2 min later*

Me: Hey look, it’s my soprano!

*6 min later*

Me: Ok! Time for clarinet.

anonymous asked:

um this might be a bad question, especially cause you get tons of questions, but how do you actually pronounce minuiko? i dont want to say it wrong @-@

I don’t! I don’t ever say it aloud :B. There is no wrong way to say it. (if you must, it would be min-oo-ee-ko, 4 syllables)