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Family Day (Tao) One-shot

Summary:Tao has a family day with his son and wife at the zoo (Fluff)

(My internet has been down, I apologize for not being active..)

“Mama, Baba, wake up!” Your son of 3 years climbed under the covers and clung to his father Tao. From the corner of your eye you could see Tao trying not to smile, as he wrapped his arms around his only son. “Baba, wake up! You said we could go to the zoo today. You pinky promised.” Tao opened his eyes quickly and swung his son on top of him and gave him his morning hug. “What animals do you want to see?”
“Cats, horses, fish, bears…” Your son went on and on then came to a final conclusion “The pandas, because Baba is a panda.”

Tao grinned ear to ear, “You must be a baby panda then. Come on let’s get dressed and Mama will be done dressing once we’re ready.” Tao walked to his closet and pulled out jeans, underwear, and a sleeveless shirt. “Let’s go pick something to wear.”

Hearing them leave the room you stood up and walked to your side of the shared closet. Grabbing a simple pair of black shorts, and a white shirt with an elephant on it. Quickly changing, you hurried to the kitchen to make pancakes for your babies. Your little boy came down the stairs slowly holding onto the railing. Tao appeared behind him and eyed the pancake batter.
“Sit, the batter is made, it won’t take long. Baby, how big do you want your pancake to be? Tiny?” You made a small circle with your hands, “Or big?” Putting your arms into a big circle, your son, Min, giggled. He cupped his into a small circle. “A small pancake it is then.” Making, serving and eating only took about a short 10 minutes. As soon as Min finished, he put his dish in the sink and ran to the bathroom to wash his hands.

Grabbing sun-screen last minute, you headed to your car with a bag of all the necessities. Putting the bag in the trunk, you sat down in the passenger seat while Tao was the driver.

Arriving at the zoo, Min bounced excitedly in his booster seat. The zoo wasn’t as busy as you expected it to be. After entering the zoo, Tao grabbed a map and planned out the day while you were putting sunscreen on Min.

“Minne, come here. Do you want to go here first?” Tao showed his son the map and pointed to the birds.

Hours past and Min started to get sleepy, Tao noticed his son pace slowed and crouched down low enough for Min to get on his back.

“Min, ready to go home?” You asked your son hoping he wouldn’t throw a fit. Luckily Min nodded slightly and closed his eyes falling asleep on Tao’s back.


Jumped straight back on that DAI bandwagon like I was some homeless orphan running away from all my problems and diseases

I’m thinking of getting right into some role playing and fic writing (I know I promise that at least once a month but I’M SO SERIOUS THIS TIME, I’M TECHNICALLY UNEMPLOYED) so yeh.

Here’s the new and improved heroine of my DAIverse, Da’mi!

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lmao det här med att säga engelska ord så att de låter svenska: hade en vän på besök och det var första gången hon träffade min familj. vi diskuterade bloggar och pratade om dagens outfit, hon sa: "hur skulle man säga outfit på svenska?" min lillasyster svarade "utefitta" och needless to say det är det enda min vän minns från mötet med min familj.