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After playing soccer with friends while visiting New York this summer, Okapi wanted to ply again this fall. Today I told Okapi we weren’t doing soccer this year. She didn’t like the no soccer idea but I can’t do it. Two random nights a week plus Saturdays. When she played before, practice went until 7:30 and then a 20 min drive home. There is a schedule for games but they are somewhere from 8-3pm.

Two years ago, Llama was still on a bottle and could fall asleep in the Tula or stroller. By the end of the spring season, she was walking but was content pushing the stroller around. That would not be the case now. I don’t know how to entertain Llama during all of Okapi’s soccer times and then bed, bath, and books for a normal sleep routine when we would get home past her bedtime. And we didn’t do any fall activities that year- no pumpkins or fall hikes because Saturday’s were eaten up w soccer. Now I’d need to figure out Llama’s naps in there too or have a super cranky toddler and momma.

This is part of being a single mom. I can’t do everything and there isn’t someone to switch off with. No one can stay home w Llama so I can take Okapi to practice. I can’t afford a babysitter for all of those times and can ask my sister to commit to taking her all of those times either.

Maybe we will try karate- it’s less of a time commitment :-)

anonymous asked:

I'm feeling depressed & anxious bc i'm going to move into a dorm tomorrow & i'm sad to leave my friends, mom, & pets behind. My mom is single & has never lived alone by herself & i feel awful about leaving her plus we're really close & this is really hard. Also my cat is older & I'm worried she's going to get depressed without me (she has before) I'm only 90 min away from home but it seems so far. Harmful thoughts keep coming in my head & I'm scared. Please help me i can't do this

You can do this, sweetie. First you should tell your mom exactly how you’re feeling so that she knows and understands. A mom would want to know. Make a deal to talk everyday, and maybe find a way that you can come home on weekends or something since it’s not that far away, at least until you feel better about it and see that things will be okay. Change is never easy, especially a big change like this, but it will just make you stronger and ready for the next challenge.

I believe in you, and you can do this.