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Agust D is a popular rapper in the underground world who has just released his first album, Pinkett, taking his first step into the mainstream music industry. Jimin is his diehard fanboy who dyes his hair pink after the album and catches other fans’ attention. People start speculating when Agust D also dyes his hair pink… 42/?

Park Chanyeol//The Rhythm of Hate - Part 2

Summary: You hate each other, even though you’re soulmates. You try and stay away from each other, but a shared course and a project is determined to keep you two facing off. (Part 1/Part 2)
Scenario: Soulmate!AU, college!AU
Word Count: 6,726

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BTS Reaction | you having to kiss them during spin the bottle

request: “BTS reaction to you having to kiss them during spin the bottle? (but you’re not a couple haha)”

Kim Seokjin

As the bottle came to stop, pointing towards you his jaw dropped down, eyes slowly wandered in your direction. “Are you okay with that?” He would ask for you permission first, to get sure but as you just nodded there was no way back. He leaned in to kiss you and at this moment he would lose all his coolness and turn pretty shy as he was crushing on you for a long time now. Afterwards he would try to suppress a childish smile, knowing that everyone had their eyes fixed on you.

Min Yoongi

He was dying on the inside after the bottle stopped, but he would play it cool, not showing his affection towards you. He would go straightforward and press his lips onto yours. The kiss would last way longer, than a normal kiss in this game. The boys around began to whistle after Yoongi didn’t part away from your lips but opened them and dragged you even deeper into it. “Ok that’s enough. You can go on later.” Jin would interfere and pull Yoongi back. He would give you a little smirk afterwards, licking over his lips.

Kim Namjoon

He would feel the adrenaline kicking in after he felt your soft lips on his. It was supposed to be just a peck but he couldn’t stop himself from deepening the kiss. The moment he pulled away he would smirk at you and seducing you with his eyes. “We should do that more often.” The others around were left with an open mouth after his sudden action, but he wouldn’t care. He just wanted to kiss you again, anytime soon and he wants you to know that. 

Jung Hoseok

Just a brief peck, nothing more. That shouldn’t be a big problem, right? He thought to himself before his lips crashed onto yours. The feelings of your lips on his made him lost his sanity for a second as he deepened the kiss and licked along your bottom lip to ask for entrance. After he pulled away you were left out of breath and starred at him. “Are you ok?” He would ask you, totally knowing what he just did but trying to play it cool in front of the others. He would come closer again just to whisper in your ear. “Maybe we should leave this party?”

Park Jimin

He shook his head at first, sure that you don’t want to kiss him anyway. “We don’t have to do this.” He said to you. “But maybe I want to?” You replied with a little smile on your lips. He was really surprised by your reaction and was soon leaning in closer but stopped right before your lips, waiting a second like he was asking for your permission. As he finally kissed you, he instantly relaxed and let his hands slide upwards your sides. After he pulled back he would wipe over his lips with his thumb and would think to himself that this was something he definitely want to do again.

Jeon Jungkook

He wouldn’t know what to do at first and just stare at you with his mouth open. The boys would have to cheer on him and push him slightly in your direction. He would approach you slowly but the second his lips meet yours, he would let himself fall and deepen the kiss without even noticing himself. After he pulled back you could see his cheeks turning red. “You have really soft lips.” He would say with his eye smile.

Kim Taehyung

He would low-key freak out about it and would think to himself that he better not fuck this up. Once his lips were on yours, he would calm down again and wouldn’t even want to pull away anymore. You were enjoying the kiss so much but he ended it aprupt, just before you thought he would stick his tongue inside your mouth. You could see that his stare still rested on your lips after parting, longing for more. “This was … great.” He would say awkwardly, causing everyone to laugh around you.

bts reaction: giving them a kiss on the cheek unexpectedly

(* ^ ω ^) request -  BTS reaction to their crush giving them a kiss on the cheek out of the blue

a/n - pls don’t forget to request a reaction if you’d like one !! :D

kim seokjin - it would prob happen one day out of the blue. you just could not help yourself and decided to just kiss his cheek. and knowing him, he’d be like  (⌒▽⌒)☆ and tease you about it endlessly, even though he is very much dying inside. 

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min yoongi - would definitely be like  ( ̄ヘ ̄) upon it happening. being the very quiet and conservative person he is, he kind of just be taken aback by it and look at you and kind of a ‘….’ manner. but inside he’s like  ٩(╬ʘ益ʘ╬)۶ DO IT AGAIN

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jung hoseok - the actual embodiment of second hand embarrassment. you two could be sitting and doing work together and you could have been stuck on a problem and after him helping and in the most god damn sweetest way possible, you pressed a kiss on his cheek as a thank you. knowing him, he would be feeling like (* ^ ω ^) while his heart is going like  (((o(*°▽°*)o)))

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kim namjoon - tenses up in his spot. could be writing some lyrics to a new song and since you’ve grown so comfortable with him and your guys’ friendship you’d think a kiss on the cheek would be nothing. spoiler alert, you were wrong. he basically went like  ( ゚,_ゝ`) , but inside he was like  \(〇_o)/what do i do

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park jimin - you know that little nervous laugh he does when he doesn’t know what to say in his v lives? yup. that’s what he would do. just to hear his laugh again, you’d kiss his cheek repeatedly and he’d just sit there giggling while his heart went like   (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄)

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kim taehyung  - probably the one to yell ‘AHHHHHHHH’ out loud since he’s the one to express his emotions verbally in that situation. he’d cover his face to hide his very prominent pinkish tint growing on his cheeks, and when you would try to uncover his face gently he’d just become more  (つ≧▽≦)つ HE’S SO CUTE IN THIS GIF IM GONNA FUCKING

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jeon jungkook  - he’d definitely be shocked by it since it happened so suddenly. he’d kindly just look over and give you a kiss on the cheek back, happy that he can be as comfortable with someone as he is with you. but knowing him, he’d dead ass be like  (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ  (*/▽\*)  (◕‿◕)♡ all at once

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first kiss x myg

pairing; yoongi x reader.

raiting; fluff.

word count; 1,216.

♡ oh wow, i’m soft for yoongi holy shit. thank u for requesting, hope u enjoy!

I’m gonna buy you a whole meal with beef and soju included if you get the bastard out of there”, you just look at Namjoon completely unfazed; the boy looks so desperate it’s getting really hard to control your chuckles but you do it just for the funs of it, “(Y/N), please, BangPD is going to dishonor him if he stays in there any longer”, that may be true and somehow you are starting to feel kinda worried because, for starters, why are you the one that has to deal with a grumpy Yoongi at midnight? Is the situation really that bad? Was that the reason why Taehyung’s face was looking all red when you arrived? Did he punch him? There are so many question that need to be answered and you wish you could ask them all but you reduce your options to just one, “For how long has he been there?”, you turn your head slightly towards the door of the studio, a thin line of light from under the door slipping to the dark corridor Namjoon dragged you to as soon as you were at the dorms, “Twenty eight hours”, and that’s basically your queue. Namjoon sights and now you feel bad for the boy because he is truly worried about Yoongi, “No bathroom, no food. God, I don’t even know if he has water in there”, probably not, you think to yourself, “I’ll handle it, go to sleep”, you pat him on the head and push him down the corridor, making sure he goes to his room before returning. Now is when the nerves assault you and slap your forehead because are you stupid?

 You knock on the door three times, softly, not wanting to startle him in case he’s focused. When there’s no answer, you start turning the doorknob, gulping hard at the simple thought of an angry and exhausted Yoongi. It may sound stupid but you can’t help feeling this annoying butterflies in your stomach as soon as you spot his dark figure sitting on the professional chair, furiously typing on the keyboard. You don’t have any idea of what he’s doing and you don’t question it because it’s none of your business. You take two short steps ahead while taking a deep breath, trying to organize your thoughts. Just as you open your mouth to call him out, the silence is broken by his raspy voice, “What do you want?”, he’s mad. Oh no, he’s so mad and you hate yourself for even thinking this was a good idea. Without saying a word you turn around and bite your inner cheek thinking about what you’re going to do to Namjoon for convincing you of doing such a stupid move but just as you harshly open the door you hear Yoongi’s chair turning behind you, “(Y/N)”, right, now he knows it’s you and he’s definitely going to hate you for interru-,”Can you help me with this?”, his voice is practically a whisper and you wonder if he’s okay just by judging the tone in his words. Your suspicions are denied the moment you face him and notice how worn out he looks. He’s looking right through you with his beautiful doe eyes and yes, he looks so handsome as always, but of course you notice that he’s way more pale than usual, as well as his chapped lips. You see there’s a bottle of water next to his keyboard but, not to your surprise, the bottle is completely full, “Sure”, as you walk in his direction, you point to the bottle looking at him with this stressed mom face, “We don’t want you dying, Min Yoongi”, he laughs. It’s like a switch to you, because just hearing him a little bit happier  makes your smile own grow bigger on your face, “What do you need help with?”, Yoongi pulls the chair that is next to him even closer and offers you a seat. You do as he says and hope he didn’t notice you staring at his lips while he was taking a big gulp of water, they just look so-, “I’ve been stuck with this lyrics for fucking forever and, w-well, uh, just take a look”, once again you do as he says and look towards the monitor in front of you. You feel Yoongi shifting on his spot right next to you but ignore it because it’s not very relevant. You half-close your eyes, trying to get use to the brightness of the screen. Besides you, Yoongi is losing his shit. He can’t believe a beautiful human being like you if sitting this close to him and he wants to smash his head on the wall for feeling this way. He’s about to lay his back against his chair when you,  unconsciously, put your hand on his knee without even noticing you’re practically sentencing him to death, “Oh wow, this is… so cheesy”, you giggle, and Yoongi wishes the earth swallowed him right there and then, “But I love it. You always make cheesy stuff look metaphoric”, your smile is genuine, but your eyes are looking sad. He’s in love with someone and that someone isn’t you.

 Yoongi says nothing after that. He’s just staring at you with adoration that mistaken with pity. You’re so dumb for even thinking Min Yoongi would ever notice such a simple woman like yourself. And you had never felt so self conscious until this very moment, in which Yoongi only stares at you with no expression in his eyes. You feel hurt and you can’t even blame Yoongi for it so before you snap at him for not liking you back, you stand up almost tripping over your own feet and make a run to the door, apologizing multiple times for interrupting his work time. Yoongi is a strong man, if he wasn’t so lazy he would easily beat Jungkook in a wrestling battle. So when he pulls you back before you reach the door and tosses you to where he was seating before, you can’t help but scream. Not in fear, but in surprise that he really is angry. He doesn’t even give you the chance to complain because your lips are shut tight by his still kinda chapped ones. And you stay still for a few seconds, with your arms in the air for no logical reason, but they relax just as you realize Min Yoongi is kissing you, and not anyone else. You bring your soft hands to his hair, kissing him back with all your might. He then pulls you up, brings you even closer to him by putting his hands around your waist, engulfing with his strength, and takes a few steps back until he’s sitting on the coach and you’re right on top of him, straddling his lap. Eventually you pull back because hell, you need to breath in order to be alive, but you really wished that wasn’t necessary because Yoongi’s lips are addictive, “Please kiss me again”, he says, his gaze flickering between your eyes and your lips, “Only if you leave this hell hole for now, you workaholic asshole”, he just laughs and ignores your petition, pulling you by your neck once again and smashing his mouth against yours in a more passionate way.

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hi my dash is dying.. min recommending active bts content makers or reblogs blogs?

hi there! here are quite a few. the first batch are gif/gfx content makers and the 2nd batch consist of blogs that reblog or write fanfics :) enjoy! they’re all a bunch of cuties who deserve your love 💕

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