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wow!!!!!!!!!!!! thank….i do love the suffering……suffering for all………………..if i have 2 suffer thru my sims hell so do u…..glad my plan is working…………take care love u lots xoxo

for a sec i did not breathe. idk why but i really did not breathe, for a good 1 min i was dying. i’m fine now but wtf was that… ;-;

It must be LuMin/XiuHan’s Cherry Blossom Season

The cherry blossoms usually bloom from end of March to late April.

In April 2014, Min Seok dyed his hair cherry blossom pink.

Also in that April, Min Seok wore the “cat face drawing” beanie on Luhan’s Birthday.

Beside their couple Givenchy sneakers and matching fashion style,

that April was also the first time their matching Cartier Love appeared.

We can see how happy and embarrassed Minseok was.

And Luhan keeps wearing the same ring from the end of 2014 till now.

In March 2015, Min Seok wore the beanie again when he was preparing his group’s concert.

Although Minseok is scared of cats, he started wearing and acting like a cat more and more.

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In 2015, Luhan revealed his chubby sassy “Mr.Cat”.

In March 2016, Luhan hold his first solo concert on Minseok’s Birthday. He dyed his hair blueberry blue again.

On April 2nd, Luhan dyed his hair with a cherry blossom pink half

and a blueberry blue half.

Urhh… or it was a Purple Lavender one. Maybe? To wish for a sweet dream

Whatever they wanna try to show,

for me Min Seok is the beautiful butterfly, beautiful cherry blossom. And ofcourse Luhan is, too.

This is “my” cherry blossom season, Luhan and Minseok. They ’re the most gorgeous cherry blossoms ever.

Or it just be the story of “Two cat dating under the cherry blossom trees”.

You, Me, & the Little Things in Between (V, OC) Part 1

“If nothing saves us from death, at least love should save us from life”- Pablo Neruda.

Requested by anon.

OC- Min Yuki

They says living is as bad as dying.

But Min Yuki believed it was worse.

There’s really no use in living when you’re disabled; body paralysed from your arms to your legs, unable to do anything more than sit around all day while a bacteria eats up your brain at each passing hour. Yuki was diagnosed with Meningitis two years ago while she was in the middle of her sophomore year in college. It was the biggest plot twist of her life. The turning point that crushed all her dreams and everything and anything she had ever hoped for.

Meningitis was a curable disease as what most doctors would say, and Yuki was relieved upon that discovery. After all, she was at the peak of her youth: top of her class, travelled the world, had the most amazing boyfriend—perfect boyfriend: Kim Seokjin was good-looking, rich, and extremely sweet that more than half the girls population in campus looked at her with envy. Yuki’s life was close to perfect.

But the world decided to play one big comic joke on her when after one year of continuous medication, she never got better. In fact, the disease caused even more negative effects when she lost the control of her body little by little. Paralysis, she discovered, was one of the effects of the disease.

Ashamed—angry and upset—of what has become of her, Yuki withdrew herself from the world she used to know and love. She locked herself in her parents mansion in the outskirts of the city, away from the university… away from life basically, and spent her days sitting in her wheel chair by her bedroom window; either reading her books of watching the days turn into nights or vice verse.

If this was life, it’s worse than death, she thought. Because what’s the point, really? When you’re already half dead?

Knock knock.

Yuki sighed at the sound and asked Adella, her personal nurse, to flip to the next page of her book. It was pathetic how she couldn’t even flip the pages of her own book.

“Yuki? Sweetheart?” Mrs. Min peaked through the door and Yuki groaned inwardly. Because she had lived in this house long enough to know what her mother was going to say next.  

“There’s someone I want you to meet.”

Yuki gave Adella a look and the woman stood up before helping her turn around. Yuki was so used to her mother bringing in “guests”. For the past year, Mrs. Min and her older brother, Yoongi, had been bringing people in to take care of her; posing as assistant nurses or whatever. But Yuki knew the truth.

She knew it’s one of their plans to make her change her mind.  

When the medications stopped working, Yuki decided to give up and stop. To let the disease take its course and just let herself die. She was already paralyzed anyway. And there was no way she could go back to her life before even if she did get better. So she didn’t see the point anymore of keeping up the medications.

But her family continued to convince her otherwise. There was still hope of getting better, they knew. But that was one thing Yuki had ceased to believe in.

Yuki turned with a sigh, expecting another girl or boy with in the usual scrubs nurses always wore. What she didn’t expect was to see a guy with flaming orange hair standing in front of her with the brightest smile she had ever seen.

“Hi!” He greeted and his eyes turned into little crescents; his mouth showing a set of white teeth that was almost blinding. He was wearing a simple blue polo with faded blue jeans and his hair (Orange. Did I mention it was orange?!, Yuki thought incredulously) was slightly disheveled like he just ran through a wind storm.

“My name is Kim Taehyung!” He reached out his arm for a handshake, looking too ecstatic for normal people. “It’s nice to meet you!”

Yuki only stared at his outstretched hand before manoeuvring her wheelchair (she could still move her fingers a bit so she could control her motorized chair with a remote by its armrest by pressing a few buttons); turning around and ignoring him completely.

She rolled her eyes when she heard her mother apologize for her sake and it only made Yuki scoff even more when Taehyung told her that it was okay. She could practically hear the grin in his voice too and she tried not to roll her eyes to the very back of her eye sockets.

Right then, only one thing came to her mind:

Kim Taehyung is a freakin’ weirdo.

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the signs as things my friends have said

Aries - who is satan? cause I know many (i answer) ok, well, you have to kill her. kIL THE ANTICHRiST!  I’ll get the chikin wire. we hunt on thursday.

Taurus - i was going to say a baby’s butt

Gemini - sorry, btw, i just really wanted to be a snarky asshole … you can ignore this.

Cancer - wow i c how it is I’m am lirally crying till I’m dehydrated, im dying. (10 min later) im ded.

Leo - imma have to go soon tho, so idk if you will be hearing much of my amazing bootiful voice till tmr

Virgo - FIST DADS?  not too happy bout that

Libra - ANSWER SLUT!!!  ……. i send the nicest things.

Scorpio - shove than oh up ur “oh” so lovely ass

Sagittarius - i will queen for the rest of my life for him …….. queef*

Capricorn - you were a douchebag worthless piece of shite, but you came through.

Aquarius - just laying in bed, (other friends name) is asleep… which is strange bc we usually stay up until 5 lol.