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JYP, Hyoyeon, Min & Jo Kwon - Born To Be Wild

idk maybe it’s just me but i’m really curious about yoongi. like his past, his current state and his mentality - the way he thinks, why his songs can sometimes be so dark yet thrilling, why he’s the way he is. it’s not nosey nor stalker-like thoughts. i’m just curious, i’m interested to understand his personality, his dynamics. i feel like he often keeps quiet about his honest thoughts, although many may title him as “blunt”. i suppose there’s more to him, and he often prefers to keep it to himself as it may be controversial.

i’m not saying that he’s fake when the cameras around, but i feel like he doesn’t speak his mind often, with whatever reason it may be. he’s so interesting. the way he calls his mother’s heart a machine, the way he sings with so much passion and endurance in nevermind, and the way he strives forward without much thought in his health. i wonder why he often gives his food away, why he likes watching the younger ones eating, rather than himself. and why he visited the arena instead of staying home and resting.

i could easily be overreacting, but yoongi has such a dynamic personality, he’s such a versatile and colourful being; in the sense that he’s so unique, he’s so creative.

instead of seeing yoongi as an ideal type of guy, or as my bias, or “crush” as many like to title their idols, i see yoongi as a role model, as a friend i’d like to learn more about as someone who is more like a friend rather than a fan. he’s so mysterious and i want to get to know him.

thoughts like this make me a little sad but i hope he’s happy, or he’s crafting the path to happiness. i hope he finds infinite happiness. i hope the person he marries or dates is good to him because he deserves it. he’s been through so much, and i want that person he loves romantically to prove it to him, as that with the friends and family of his. if he does have kids, i hope they treat him well, and i hope he brings them up with love, where his kids doesn’t feel like his heart is full of malice.

i hope he treats himself with the money he makes, and i hope he makes the music he wants because that’s his dream, his goal. i want him to be happy and i seriously wish i could get to know him.

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