Terimakasih, atas tempat belajar, teman yang menjadi keluarga, serta kebaikan-kebaikan yang kami himpun
Maaf, atas kelemahan hati dan khilaf yang terjadi
Doakan, mimpi-mimpi kami yang mimta dilanjutkan juga rumah tangga lain yang perlu kami bangun
Sampai jumpa di level kehidupan yang baru
Salam, rumah tangga 💕

It’s very strange, this affinity with India. When Amitabh Bachchan is in the hospital, we pray for his good health; when Ranbir Kapoor’s film is a hit, we’re prouder than Neetu and Rishi; we never deny that no one brings romance to life like the voices of Kishore and Rafi; they are in unanimous agreement that their local music scene is not a patch on ours; if we happen to interact abroad, they’re the only pardesis we include in the ‘desi’ category; their monuments carry our history; our language carries their roots.

Till today, after five years, every step I take is an uphill struggle. But at the same time, I feel a lot of gratitude because I feel it is possible. The film industry is a very big place. People do look at talent, and I can clearly put myself as an example to say that. I had no backing when I started and I still have no one backing me. It is hard, but I am moving forward. I am working with really amazing people. Yes. I have not had a breakthrough performance. I have not had that breakthrough role. I have not had that huge-numbers film.