mimsy needs help

Fandom-wide Help Request

So, I’m applying for this amazing job at Penguin.  One of their suggested application formats is a Tumblr blog, and that’s what I’m doing.  Because I have access to this fandom, I’d like to show Penguin that I know how to harness the power of people in promoting and spreading the word about books, and I’ve chosen to use Chris Colfer’s The Land of Stories as an example blog.

Guys, I need your help.

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Straw Poll

I’m putting something together, and I’m canvassing for quotes from the show.  What, in your opinion, are some of the most iconic quotes from Glee?

Quotes from multiple characters and/or ships preferred–I’d like to get a really diverse pool from which to choose.  I’m not necessarily looking for your favourite quotes, more quotes that you think illustrate what the show is about.

Obligatory question mark?

Thank you all!  I’ve got more than enough now :)

And on that note, this here will serve as a Mimsy Needs Help PSA: what the hell am I going to have them do in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina?  I may have to reeeeeeeeeeally get them focused on the movies.  And that’s not a bad idea, given that I’ve got three great movies lined up for those states, and they really do need to forget about being so ~into one another for a little bit.

Any ideas, lovely followers?

Yet another Ameri-Pick Question

I swear to god this one won’t spark off a whole ~discussion.

Are there any particular occasions in the US after Oct 28th and before Dec 22nd where there would traditionally be fireworks?


Need fixing up with some automotive facts, if someone would be so kind.

What reason could there be for a VW camper to suddenly sputter and die halfway through a lengthy drive?  It’s been fairly well-maintained but not taken out in a while, and the problem should be serious enough that Triple-A need to be called.

I have an interview at 5:30pm tomorrow.

Legal Contracts Manager.  Completely different to anything I’ve ever done before, but there must have been something on my C.V. that made them think I’m suited, right?  I mean, I’m a hard worker and I have a wide range of experience in different jobs but I didn’t even expect to get so much as the standard rejection email/letter, let alone get called in for an interview on the next available business day.

Tonight, Danii helped me decide on what to wear (go figure, I’m borrowing a dress and a cardigan from her), and I’m much more excited than nervous.

Can you guys do me a favour?  When I find out whether I’ve got the job or not, I’ll just post a single GIF.  Can someone send me the GIF of Kurt all happy when he gets his first NYADA letter (still bitter ngl) and then the GIF of when he doesn’t get in?  Or sad!Kurt of some kind?  All I seem to have are GIFs of Blaine being dapper and/or playing tongue hockey with Kurt and while those are ALWAYS relevant (and while I’d gladly play tongue hockey with every last one of you), they’re not really what I’m going for.

Wondering if you guys can help.

I have a piece of music in my head that for some reason, I think was probably used in one of the Apollo movies for a rocket launch?  It’s super famous.  Does anyone have any idea what it is?  I’ve tried Googling and all I’m coming up with is…  Not the piece of music I’m looking for.


Will someone either link me to a short fic or even write me a drabble with Blaine taking care of a sick Kurt?  Just like a cold or the flu or something.  I need something to make me feel better while my painkillers kick in.

I’ve read Rainjoys’ stunning instalment in the Unscripted ‘verse, and the CrissColfer one I have in my Fic Recs is too long for me to read at work (especially while I’m trying to write), but if you know of anything short and fluffy…?

Okay, help.

I need some Ameri-Lingo help, my friends.  I’ve circled three types of road/highway/freeway/whatever, and I need to know what you would refer to them as because Google Maps is entirely unhelpful.

Right now, I have the boys driving along the I-295 and about to exit onto U.S. 1, but what would I call that?  Is it Highway 1?  Route 1?  What?

Also, could someone explain to me what the signs I’ve circled in blue and green are, and how they differ from the red?  I’ve tried searching for a GMaps legend, and even an idiot’s guide to American road signs, but I’m coming up dry.

Help will be met with many virtual cookies.