Hard of hearing Bakugou is like … my favorite fandom headcanon. It’s soooo ogoooood.

After today’s episode, a couple of friends and I on twitter were talking about Kouda and sign language .. which led to Bakugou learning sign if he needed a hearing aid … which lead to .. me thinking about him getting some signs wrong since some are really similar O v O;;;

I know it’s ASL not JSL but .. it’s what I know..ish .. / v \
Please let me know if I got anything wrong aaa … I’m faaaarrr from fluent in ASL!

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Better names than Albus Severus Potter

Rubeus Regulus

Alastor Kingsley

Neville Cedric

Elphias Nicholas

Gideon Fabian

Colin Montgomery

Florean Broderick

Hedwig Dobby Kreacher



First Year vs Last Year

idk if this is spoilers or not but … I was (and still am) pretty darn upset about the most recent chapters >:U … that Nejire is like not even mentioned by name by either of the other two .. THEy’RE THE BIG THREE FOR A REASON!!! I get s…. SO frustrated when Nejire’s just forgotten :c I love her SO MUCH!!!

Anyway … HUFFS. This is a Nejire Appreciation Blog. In This House, We Love Nejire.


aaaAAAAA so a couple of weeks ago, I got my artist copy of the @voltronlookbook that I participated in. My first printed zine TT v TT !!!!

Which also means I finally remember to post the finished piece for you guys to see!! The crunched down thumbnail makes the colors all neon which is … pretty darn neat-o :0

If you didn’t get a chance to snag a copy before the preorders sold out, definitely keep checking on the Voltron LookBook tumblr or twitter for updates on reprints!

Also, I’ll be having full sized prints of this piece up on my shop … soonish!


SMASH HIT is a Boku no Hero Academia fanzine featuring superhero posters designed by 37 incredible artists! 

Angie NascaCCCRAZiECRiSSiEDango & ChainDanikaDroseattackEleEmFeastevilIllustratedacornsIzzyJoules GarciaJoy YangLaura GuglielmoMandymapurlMaryametsweemichiMimsyNat RozeneenyaNoodleOllie YaoPhaistyRAVEFIRELLRemi PastakRomysaeShannon KaoSooy LeeTaylor MauldinTori NiuTori RichardsTunaVivsXiu

Preorders open early October—keep an eye on this blog for updates and previews.

Mimsy Farmer in Spain, in the Canary Islands, in Lanzarote, in 1969, during the filming of ‘La route de Salina’ by Georges Lautner. Photo by Philippe Le Tellier (Paris Match magazine)