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Hello! I'm the simmer who made Sailor Venus for the new gen. I talked to shambala and she and I think it would be fun to start talking about the possibility of romance between our senshi. Are you interested in pairing Cyrill up with someone?


Well, simsa-stark’s Jupiter already has a vague crsh on his senshi form so there’s that at the moment. Apart from that I’m totally willing to develop all kinds of relationships for him, that’s like half the fun of this project, right? If anyone else’s character would work with him, why not?

Callie Gage for mimmssimms. They requested a black female sim. ^^ And here she is! Sorry this took a while to post, I haven’t been feeling good lately.

Default Replacements
Skin - Eyes

Hair - Eyebrows - Eyelashes - Lip gloss

My sliders are set to x2 thanks to Twallan’s Integration Mod.

You can find my slider list here.

Everyday clothes are from Pets & Showtime. Everything else is randomized, as I didn’t have the time to plan everything accordingly. Sorry!

Neurotic - Good - Bookworm - Charismatic - Nurturing

Soul - Waffles - Green

Callie is a Libra who wishes to become a Star News Anchor!

Anyway! I hope you like her. She’s cute, isn’t she? :D Idk what I was thinking about inspiration wise, but regarding her profile… I tried to copy Iman’s, because I think she’s absolutely gorgeous. ^^ 

Callie was a request and thus she’s a private download only. Feel free to edit her to your liking, just don’t claim her as your own! She’s not a base for your creation.

Thank you for being patient and happy simming.