I’m going to Madrid! I just got the information for my first host family, and I’m sending them an email right now~

Weekend at Otterbein with the other outbound exchange kids from the region was really cool and fun, and made me that much more excited for this school year! (I think I’m going to be in a Catholic school there, since the name is kind of in the “Our Lady Of the…” format.)

I’m leaving the first week of September, and starting school on the 17th. Which brings me to…

If that works out, I’m planning on probably all Homestuck again, but we’ll see… So far, I figure I’m taking Karkat, god tier Dave, Jake, and hopefully Cities in Dust Dave.
I kind of wish I could get trickster Jake or trickster god tier Dave finished, but I’m already planning a lot. =(

My girlfriend changed her screenname to Rapunzel on skype. It was only natural that I do this
  • Flynn:{clears throat}
  • Flynn:I know not who you are
  • Flynn:nor how i came to find you
  • Flynn:but may i just say
  • Flynn:hi
  • Flynn:how ya doin?
  • Flynn:The names Flynn Rider
  • Flynn:Listen, blondie, I didn't want to have to do this, but you leave me no choice
  • Flynn:here comes the smoulder
  • Flynn:B)
  • Rapunzel:Pfffft God I love you

A short comic about the first time I met my girlfriend
We were at a convention and I was walking around with my friend Coco. We were both cosplaying Homestuck characters. Coco as Rose, and I as Sis Strider. We stopped to chat with a group of fellow HS cosplayers, among which were Tatiana and Katie. All I really remember about what I was doing was staring at Katie (lol creeper much). I glanced away to talk to Coco and when I turn back Katie is clutching her face and crying. I kinda wanted to beat Tatiana. 


I know you will see this eventually, so I want you to know a few things
I am terrified of relationships. Especially the long distance ones, but, I think we could make this work. I’m willing to try at least. The world has been doing a fantastic job of kicking my ass lately, and I know it sounds cliche, but you’ve been my one ray of sunshine through all the things I’ve been having to deal with. I think you’re beautiful, inside and out. Your smile, your laugh, your personality, everything about you. I can’t go five minutes without thinking about you anymore. I know there are all these factors against making this work, but, I want to be with you. No matter the distance. 

Shitty Nicknames
  • Flynn:PFFFT
  • Flynn:guess what my new eye doctors name is
  • Mimi:Strider
  • Flynn:nope
  • Mimi:Billy bob
  • Flynn:Dr. Wiener
  • Mimi:kjdsahfkjsdhfkjsdf
  • Mimi:jskdhfjksdhfkjhsdkaf
  • Mimi:skjdfhsdakjhfkjsdhfiuaehkjehrkjfjgkhdf
  • Flynn:I KNOW
  • Mimi:At least his name isn't Dr. Duty
  • Flynn:What if someones name is seriously just Poop
  • Mimi:kfdskhfsd
  • Mimi:pfffft
  • Mimi:Must have gotten beaten up in highschool.
  • Flynn:probably
  • Flynn:and had /shitty/ nicknames
  • Mimi:Pffffft.