YuuMika Week Day 1: Kagami Takaya: “Mikaela, the Wife!”

Domestic!AU in which Mika and Yuu are in an established relationship and live together. Yuu gets a job as a teacher which pays well. Though reluctantly, Mika stays in the house while Yuu works. (Mika would love to get a job and support themselves, but he’s sure that the house would be a trashed if no one is there to clean, especially with how messy Yuu is) However, one day Yuu forgot about an afternoon teacher meeting, and due to its suddenness, he wasn’t able to inform Mika that he’d be late, resulting in Mika getting very worried that something happened to Yuu along the way. Yuu eventually comes home (when Mika is in the middle of cooking) and explains what happened. Ending with Mika becoming angry at Yuu for making him worry sick due to his forgetfulness.


Shinoa brings Yuu to a Maid Cafe!AU 


YuuMika Week Day 2: Alternate Universe

Street Performer!AU

Yuu and Mika are a pair of well-known local street performers known as the “Mismatch Duo” by the different colors of their eyes. Yuu plays the role of a magician and Mika takes the role of the clown. They had first begun only to entertain the orphans in their orphanage, to bring a smile to them, but when the orphanage was on the break of shutting down to lack of funds, they decided to make up public performances in order to support the orphanage.

This is for @akaashingly ’s You Stole My Heart!! Omg I love this fic, it’s one of my favorites and I just loved this part in the story, so enjoy! (Though it’s not exactly how it is written ;w;)

With all that’s happened to Yuu is the latest chapter (becoming seraph, a demon, and a king all in the span of a day) I imagined that Yuu (of ever form) would use his power to protect Mika and blind him from the world.


Okay, so idk how to color so I’m leaving it white lol This was something that I’ve been working on but never got to actually doing until now!! So please enjoy! <3
I cannot draw hands to save my life