sselinakyles asked:

maroon 5? c:

favorite song: Sunday Morning

favorite member: IDkk

seen them live: no

met them: no

band rating: i used to like them and then they released payphone and now i cry daily bc of that song/10

do I follow you: yes | no | I do now

blog rating: my brother graduates this week omg/10

sselinakyles asked:

wow you ship st. berry and love rent and glee and have a mimi url i think i love you. a+ blogging right there

i got like super confused when my phone emailed me about this

i was like “have i sent myself a message??" 

but ugh st berry break me, i need them back they were so perfect it’s not fair ):

sselinakyles asked:

okay you should def gif the part of lvb where angel bucks into collins' ass, it is all i've ever wanted in life<3

You’re lucky I was online right when you sent this! lol

I’m working on a little something now just give me a few minutes ;) 

mimimarqeuz replied to your post: for that “200 things you can put in my ask” thing: all numbers that have a 6 in them! c: (6 is my favorite number)

i would cry making that gifset too, and crying over wilson isn’t bad, i cry over jesse and my sister cries or anthony and marker.. rent people

best kind of people

sselinakyles asked:

I've been meaning to thank you for those gifs, but I kept forgetting once I logged on. Thank you so much, the lowest right one pains me, though. ;A; You're awesome!

Of course! No thanks necessary but I’ll still take them anyway lol :)

Glad that you liked it!