mimicon 2013

My friend just put this on Facebook and I’m dying:

So, she is sitting on my lap before a con. She’s victorian England and I’m her wife, as lolita-England. Her friend took the picture and oh my god, I just can’t stop laughing.

(don’t ask about my costume. It was actually a joke but then I actually did cosplay him with a dress. I didn’t mean to be like “oh my god fandom men in dresses ahahaha”)


The stuff I bought from Mimicon! <3

- Supernatural charms! <3 I bought the whole trio for my two cousins, Diibadaa and Ihmepastasieni, and a Castiel for myself (even though I haven’t seen him in the series yet, but hey, I fell in love with him instantly when I saw him in one episode before I even started watching the series and even before knowing anything about the SPN fandom)

- A Sufin Doujinshi~ A cute and cheap one so I figured why not?

- There was a place there that sold second-hand stuff! I bought the Gothic & Lolita Bible from there~

- A World of Warcraft paperback~ Quite expensive but I was not feeling cheap that day (and that’s rare!) 

- A Pinkie Pie necklace for Canuck-sweety33!

- A Tardis charm for my friend~ (It’s much bigger on the inside!)

- A small hair accessory hat~


Testing, testing…. 
MimiCon is soon and I still miss my shoes. 
But here are some test pics(I just finished my wig~ )

(I’m sorry I look ugly I didn’t have any motivation to put make up on since it’s  kind of late)   TTwTT’“”

I won’t be Kabuto for a full day, I’m sitting at the Artist Alley in a SteamPunk-ish outfit the rest of the convention.