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10: “The ladies love a guy who’s good with kids.” With Kenny Omega, please and thank you :)

Prompt #10 “The ladies love a guy who’s good with kids.” with Kenny Omega

With brows knitted in a frown, you watched the curly haired man squatting down while opening his arms to greet the oldest daughter of Jeff Hardy, into whom you surprisingly pumped backstage, but to everyones amusement, the little girl acted hid herself behind her fathers legs.

“How did you said it? ‘The ladies love a guy who’s good with kids.’”, mimicking the taller man with a lackluster smile on your face, you noticed that Kenny Omega has clinched his jaw at the comment of yours while straightening himself again.

No words left his lips as he walked passed you, leaving you and Jeff Hardy exchanging a quick look with one another before the younger Hardy brother rolled his eyes skywards with a light shake of his head.

After quickly saying your good byes, you chased after the canadian wrestler with a spring in your steps, knowing all to well that your co-worker was toying with you in an attempt to make you feel guilty about your comment.

“You’re a bad actor, Mr. Omega.”, addressing him more formally than usual, or even neccessary, you placed your hands behind the lower part of your back as you had caught up to Kenny and started to walk right beside him.

Watching him through your lashes, Kenny fixed his gaze forward to look ahead of the long hallway, filled with colleagues that slowly starting to warm up before the show which laid ahead of everyone along with other staff members.

“You know you’re acting rather childish right now, or?, you asked him with a puckered forehead as he continued to ignore both your presence and words, your path was harshly interrupted as you pumped face foreward into something, or more fitting someone as you looked up for a second and your eyes met the ones of Zack Sabre Jr..

“Watch out.”, Kenny spoke in a languidly tone of voice while the gap between the two of you started to grow, but from the corner of eyes you could make out a sheepishly smile on his face.

“Trouble in Paradise?”, the british accent of Zack caught you off-guard as you lifted your head to meet his gaze again, dramatically rolling your eyes for a short second before you made the decision to avoid Kenny and let him cool off from whatever is bothering him for the moment.

List for the Prompts

  • *talking about being married*
  • Tsuna: Yeah, I just love saying my husband, being married is great.
  • Tsuna: Once we were boarding an airplane, and Kyouya's ticket didn't say anything and mine said priority access, it doesn't matter why--
  • Tsuna: And I was like, "Can my husband board as well?" and they we're like, "Yes of course."
  • Tsuna: Like wow, that's so much better than it used to be when I was like,
  • Tsuna: *mimicking a little kid voice* "Can my boyfriend come too~?"
  • Tsuna: And yeah, I shouldn't of said it like that but still!
41. Fun.

Mark: You looked up and saw him being chased around by the kids. Laughing, you decided to join them on their wild-Mark chase. “Yah! Not you too!” he roared again as all the kids mimicked his voice. To be honest, when you walked through the door, you were a bit worried that they wouldn’t like you. But now that you joined in on the fun, you were laughing and screaming with them. It was a new found sense of fun.

JB: “Fun,” he sighed as he faked a smile to you. Once your head turned away, his furrowed his eyebrows and frowned. “Yeah, real fun,” he muttered to himself. He honestly wasn’t having any fun at all. In fact, he was practically bored out of his mind. But, seeing you excited to be here as you eagerly grabbed his hand and walked him everywhere, was the best sight in the world. Watching you have fun was enough for him.

Jackson: “Oh, c’mon,” he sighed as he kept his grip on your arm as you continued to walk with him. “What’s wrong with a little harmless fun?” he asked. You glared at him as you took your arm back. He turned to look at you as you crossed your arms, still refusing to join him. He walked up to you as he grabbed your hands and smiled at you. “I promise, you’ll have a good time,” he grinned as you nodded in defeat.

Jr: “She looks like she’s late for a meeting,” he commented as you looked up and watched a lady in a business suit sprint across the street. You laughed. You pointed out a couple who probably just fought as they held hands but looked away from each other. He high-fived you. Both of you leaned back on the bench and continued to people watch, something fun and entertaining you did together often.

Youngjae: “Don’t make fun of me!” he pouted as you continued laughing your head off. He tilted his head the other way so you couldn’t see him blushing as your laughter died down. You wrapped your arms around his waist, which surprised him, as you apologized and said that you thought it was cute and you weren’t making fun of him. “Fine,” he sighed. “But… please don’t tell anyone else about this,” he said as you nodded with a grin.

Bam Bam: “We can have fun here too,” he whispered as he shut his textbook and scurried away. How in the world were you going to have fun in the library? You couldn’t even make noise since you were on the quiet floor. When he came back, you had to cover your mouth to hold back your laughter. There he was, your friend, quietly running around shirtless, acting as if he’s screaming. His definition of fun was quite entertaining indeed.

Yoogyeom: This wasn’t fun at all, he thought. He kept in his little box in the corner of the room as everyone was dancing, drinking, and partying the night away. He looked around, wondering where you were as he couldn’t even see you anymore. That’s when he saw it. In the mere distance, you lips were upon someone else’s. Someone that wasn’t him. He felt his heart sank as he quickly made his way out.

Olicity: Let Go

orangeisorange said: Prompt: Oliver and Felicity have put both kids to bed and are sharing a glass of wine reminiscing about how stupid/silly they were back when they were fighting their feelings for each other :) “who would’ve thought that the cute guy with his stupid ‘latte destroyed my lap top’ lie would turn out to be the love of my life” sort of moment.

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The wine slips down her throat easily, a welcome distraction from the long day that’s fully exhausted her. Motherhood is exhausting, but it’s the best kind of tired Felicity has ever felt. She sinks back into the couch, humming contently when a familiar arm drapes over her waist and tugs her that little bit closer to him.

“There you are,” she whispers, shifting to rest her head on the arm of the chair as he drifts into the space beside her, mimicking her position. “Kids go down okay?”

“Three stories for Tommy, but only one for Ava,” he told her. “She insisted she was too old for bedtime stories and wanted to have an adult conversation instead.”

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