Diptera (Flies)- Rhagionidae (Snipe Flies)-Chrysopilus thoracicus (Golden-backed Snipe Fly)

Genus name Chrysopilus means “golden-hair” and thoracicus refers to the golden patch on the thorax, presumably. 

Range Eastern North America Habitat Deciduous woodlands Season Spring. April-May (North Carolina). Food Adults are alleged to be predatory on other insects, but they may feed little (observations by BugGuide members). Life Cycle Details unknown. This fly is observed in early to mid-spring perched quietly on low vegetation in deciduous woodlands. Remarks The coloration (dark wings, gold thorax)is perhaps mimicry of a hymenopteran. Another Chrysopilus species (see Milne and Milne, below) appears to be a very good hymenopteran mimic, with a prominently striped abdomen.

poem from the forest hall

If it suits you

try to mimic the world

try to make yourself

indistinguishable from

it’s nature.

When lightening flashes and thunder


blink quickly, laugh uproariously

allow your neck to weaken

with the coming sound.

When the sky cries let yourself


let yourself moisten into the

richness of all around you

may you grow greenly


may your thoughts be worthy of



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