The Strangest Spiders Ever

A mirror spider? These macro shots of spiders were photographed by Nicky Bay who lives and works in Singapore. The endless biodiversity found on the country’s 64 islands includes a vast array of insects and arachnids. Further images of these terrifying yet strangely beautiful creatures can be found on his Flickr account. Despite being terrifyingly creepy, the endless creativity of evolution to create such amazing creatures never ceases. The spiders featured above are:

1&2) Mirror Spiders
    3)  Long Horned Orb Weaver
    4)  Bird Dung Spider
    5)  Net-Casting Ogre-Face Spider
    6)  Eight Spotted Crab Spider
    7)  Ladybird Mimic Spider

The Mirror Spider has an abdomen of reflective panels that glitter like a disco ball, or the various colors of Ladybird Mimic Spiders that are almost indistinguishable from the insects they are camouflaged to look like. There’s also the more frightening Bird Dung Spider that looks like no known living creature. The Net-Casting Ogre-Face Spider definitely deserves his name, but he looks like he’s knitting. How dangerous can a spider that knits be?



There goes nature being incredibly awesome again. You may think you’re looking at a couple dried leaves, but you aren’t. These astonishing beauties are moths, specifically Uropyia meticulodina, from the family Notodontidae. Found in parts of China and Taiwan, the patterns on their wings mimic dead leaves so convincingly that they are considered to be one of the finest examples of camouflage in the animal kingdom.

Click here to watch brief video footage of Uropyia meticulodina in the wild. You still won’t believe your eyes.

Photos taken by Bettaman and enyagene respectively.

[via io9 and Real Monstrosities]

It’s Nature is Awesome Day on Geyser of Awesome! Celebrating naturally occurring amazements of all kinds…

It’s time for another astonishing visit the Department of Awesome Camouflage. This time we’re meeting a very special lizard. You can see the lizard in this photo, right? Don’t worry if you didn’t spot him right away. That just means he’s doing his job.

This is a Satanic Leaf-tailed Gecko (Uroplatus phantasticus). Indigenous to the island of Madagascar, these amazing creatures evolved to blend into leafy undergrowth so well that some even have notches in their leaf-shaped tails that make them look even more convincingly like dry, fallen leaves.

""The gecko’s colouration can be brown or grey and it can transform itself into amazing yellow, green, orange and pink hues. Geckos are one of Madagascar’s most unique species. As they sleep flattened against trees of branches with their heads pointing downwards, they can adjust their body coloration to their surroundings.

When at rest laying head down on a mossy or lichen covered branch, geckos are almost impossible to see. The gecko is a master at disguise. Its large eyes help this nocturnal species hunt its prey, large mouths are capable of tackling oversized prey.””

Visit Dailymail.co.uk to learn more about these awesome creatures.

Photo taken at the Andasibe-Mantadia National Park in Madagascar.

[via Environmental Graffiti, Brainz, and Dailymail.co.uk]


It’s time to pay a visit to the Department of Awesome Mimicry where we’ll meet the Lygodium Spider Moth (Siamusotima aranea). Discovered in Thailand in 2005, this clever creature evolved markings on its wings that give it the impressively convincing appearance of being a spindly, orange spider. The markings deter predators and, now that it’s been discovered by humans, probably many arachnophobes as well.

Photos by John Horstman

[via Geekologie]