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One of the best scenes of the newest Pokemon movie


Added the second ask just because i did the Caddy one, For future reference, suggesting multiple ones is Okay, but try to limit to 2 or 3 because it gets a little hard to manage.

On another news, The zombie girl is now named “Brandine”, mostly because it sounds a little like “Brain Dinner”, tough don’t worry, she doesn’t eat brains.

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™ [hcneyeatingblastcr]

Send ™ and my muse will do a poor imitation of yours.


There’s a look of quiet intensity on their face as they try to think of what they could do on the spot for him. Before long though, they reach their arms forward and try to put their head near them, raising and clapping them together in time with them opening and closing their mouth.

Seems they were trying to mimic his snout, at the very least-

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I know it’s nothing compared to the life-and-death danger other people are facing from white supremacists and with greater intensity, but it fucking sucks that 75% of what I like is also liked and paraded around by the Neo-Nazis

Medieval Europe as a gaming/fantasy theme and an academic subject? Neo-Nazis go for it because of the Holy Roman Empire and the Teutonic Crusade, which served as an inspiration for Hitler and the Nazi Party

Early Modern European History and gunpowder warfare? Same thing as above, but for the Prussian Kingdom

Civil War reenactments? They love it because then they can cosplay as racist traitors out in the open and get a free pass to fly the flag and shout the n-word

German language? That’s an integral part of their false religion

The metal band Sabaton? Despite the group itself saying they don’t approve of people glorifying the historic battles they sing about or using it to promote fascism, islamophobia or Nazism, guess who does it anyway

Anything to do with swords and armor? That’s the past they want to return to and/or try to mimic by being fascists

Assorted memes? Turned into Nazi propaganda

Viking stuff? Same thing as the history and aesthetic ones

Scarlet Crusade, Human Kingdoms and Paladin / Blood Knight RP on WoW? Honey, you’ve got a big storm coming if you don’t think they plug the Third Reich, the Holy Roman Empire, the Teutonic Crusade or Prussia into it

Garlean RP on FFXIV? Yup, the scum have tainted that too

Star Wars’ Sith and the Galactic Empire? It really doesn’t help that much of George Lucas’ design of the Empire was based upon the Nazis and the new series from Disney and JJ Abrams goes even further with the comparisons

That Vaporwave song “Enjoy Yourself” by artist Saint Pepsi, which features the Moon Man from an old McDonald’s commercial? Holy fuck, the UniteTheRight organizers posed in front of the Auschwitz concentration camp wearing the costume and made that the header of their “Next Stop, Charlottesville; Last Stop, Auschwitz” rally bulletin. Other Vaporwave music and aesthetics are getting appropriated by them, too

Vintage army tanks? Can’t do a Blitzkrieg without those

Gothic architecture? Recurring issue of that thing inspiring them

Any WW2 movies? Again, inspiration—even as they’re losing and portrayed as the forces of evil they are

The History Channel? It’s either the Ancient Aliens and Swamp People or it’s some show about “newfound evidence” of how terrible Nazi Germany was or the conspiracies about Hitler and/or the Nazis. Guess who’s really interested in that

Roman stuff? Shit… The very Sieg Heil, the fasces symbol and the image of an eagle upon a wreath was right out of the Roman Empire’s aesthetics and these fucks won’t shut up about how all that was “peak civilization” or about “getting back” Istanbul from Turkey

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Sam's first Christmas with Mary is everything he had ever dreamt of.

When they’re finally free from prison, Sam is ten pounds lighter and Dean stalks everywhere like a panther just waiting for the walls to close in on him again; it’s not December 25th, not even 2016 anymore, but the first thing Mary does when they get home is quietly usher them into the library, where a decorated tree shelters a handful of shoddily newspaper-wrapped packages.

Then she guides them into the kitchen, where she nervously gestures to a feast on the counter, mumbling, “Ham’s burnt, and… I got everything else at the store, but, uh… this stuffing is mine—my mom’s recipe, she swore by the stuff.”

Dean smiles and fills a plate half with stuffing and half with pie and crispy ham slices, gushing praise past mouthfuls of food while Sam watches his mom and brother laugh, and it’s good.

Mary died on November 2nd, 1983, a month and change from when she would have been able to spend her first Christmas with her infant son, and having this with her is something Sam never dared to hope for.

Even if he had, this simple, awkward intimacy would have blown all his fantasies out of the water, anyway.

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Ya know what "mimic" for crewe

“Oh, darling, let me get you my card, because that scarf is just de-viiine.” Tommy abandoned his accent for once, and took up one of your average upper-class american gay man. Just a lot more dramatized. “Well slap my ass, and call me Doris, that Tommy DeVito is such a problem! He cares about his band and actually has a question or two? Let’s just ignore him and sing showtunes while he does all of the work, right? Absolutely fabulous.”