Hi all, it’s your friendly neighbourhood Damasquerade here. A lot of people seem intimidated by ordering from Taobao so I thought I’d finally get off my ass and make a quick tutorial! I’ve been ordering BJD stuff from Taobao through Spreenow for years. There’s a huge range of clothes, wigs, eyes, accessories and legit dolls you can’t get anywhere else, and the prices are amazing.

Quick info and tips below under the cut:

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anonymous asked:

I hope you don't mind me asking, but have you or any of your followers purchased from budbaby/ pink sailor on taobao? I mean I just want to get an idea of them if that's alright ;;

I haven’t ordered from them myself, but I can see it has positive feedback:

and the product reviews seem to appear similar to the stock image:

Has anyone reading ordered from them before?