Aw, now I’m sad. Finally done. My 2016 hourly comic for this year. Decided to do a day in the life of Mimi the Mime and this ran away from me. Enjoy!

Part of an animation I was working on for a class a few quarters ago. I lost over half of what I had fully done, so this is all I have aside for the rough animation. This is still honestly pretty rough too, but oh well ;n;

Anyway, I  hope to do an animation in the future with this character. Her name is Mimi and she is a skeleton mime :]

So I am loving Miraculous ladybug so far but I just need to get this off my chest.  On the side of writing my story Quest for Dark Axe I am also conceptualizing this side project for later about a female gentleman thief who is Mime themed  Originally with the limitation of only being able to pantomime one thing at a time:

Who was originally going to be Half French half unspecified (at the time) Asian:

And she was going to eventually gain a best friend who runs a blog about her gentleman thief persona and is a huge fan:

Along with one of her potential love interests being another gentleman thief who is a flirty doofus:

But in his civilian persona he’s this prim proper almost perfect rich guy with an oppressive father:

and his thief name was going to be Pantheon and his theme was going to be Egyptian gods with the gimmick of every heist he pulls he wears a different Egyptian god mask that would somewhat reflect his method of thievery, entrance, or escape:

I had all these ideas about 3 weeks before it was announced that Nickelodeon was going to be the ones airing Ladybug, y’know just for a time reference.

Now I’m not saying that Miraculous stole my ideas….. but damn this is almost like the time I literally wrote the plot to Alice Academy before I’d ever heard of it. Every new episode has a 75% chance of me saying “God Damnit” and crossing another thing off my list.

Still loving that ladybug though