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Me: *is attracted to female idol*
Me: yea shes definitely gay.,,100%.I can feel it ⚠️⚠️beep beep gaydar is beeping…its a gift…i just know.she is a gay….superlesbo….

The Imperfect Doppelganger Girl

Fifi scrambled through the woods. Daisy Prince Jr. had run off again, and she had already lost him. Tired of searching for him. she considered going back home… until a she spotted a cave that she didn’t recall seeing before. It was long enough to where it was impossible to see the end of it. Interested to find out, she pulled out her torch.


The torch lit up, the tip set ablaze. Trekking down the linear cave, she found at the end a laboratory, filled with lots of high-tech equipment. But what really caught her eye was a person lying on the ground, unmoving. She approached the person, only to find out the person was a girl who looked similar to her!

Who was that girl? A doppelganger? If she was, she must have messed up the details. The hair was the wrong shade, and the outfit was using the wrong colors.

Fifi checked the other’s pulse. Her blood rate was moving at a slow pace, but it was better than none. Whoever this girl was, she needed help, and fast. Arm in one hand and torch in the other, Fifi dragged the unconscious doppelganger outside of the cave. Extinguishing the torch, she laid the other back down and yelled at the top of her lungs, hoping someone could hear her call and help her out.

“Help! I need some assistance!”