mimi's cosplays


“And for once, it might be grand
To have someone understand.
I want so much more than they’ve got planned…”

Belle cosplay made by me (Mimi Reaves). Thank you Studio Henshin Photography for the photo <3 


Some cosplay highlights from Day 2 of ACen, doing Sora, Mimi, and Meiko from Digimon Adventure Tri. We met another Meiko, used the con-provided scenery to great effect, and tried to do our part for the Meimi shippers of the world XD;

Mimi: @opallene
Meiko: me
Sora: my sis (no tumblr)

(If you see yourself and want me to tag or remove you, please let me know!)

So! About a year ago, I posted a picture of my daughter in Mimi cosplay at a local convention. Well, it turns out that cosplaying is some sort of contagious thing, because wouldn’t you know it, I seem to have ended up in on the act too. And because she still adores Mimi (and is a heck of a lot like her in general personality, too), I decided that the best thing would be to cosplay as Lilimon so that we matched. 

…This was a MAJOR project, and it’s responsible for me having done next to nothing else over the last month or so. That photo up there (courtesy of my mother, who came along to make sure no one got impaled upon the wings!) is the reason I’ve not been updating my fics so often.

Still. It was a lot of fun too! And now, my son has decided that he’d make a pretty good Jou, so it looks like I have a new project as well! 

…At least Jou doesn’t have wings, though. Or enormous amounts of hair to knit (yup, All the vine hair is knitted. Never do this.)


A Series of Unfortunate Events is streaming on Netflix! Who else is binge watching all the episodes? 
Here is my newest Violet Baudelaire cosplay, based on the television series. Photographed beautifully by @undepundable <3 


not the greatest quality photos, but i love how this cos turned out 🐮💕
follow my IG @deanna_nyanda for progress pics & more pics in general ♡

ushimimi Mikuru all made by me
photos by ian @kanzensan

There’s a bi-annual comic convention in my town, and after indoctrinating introducing my kids to Digimon Adventure (my chiiiildhoood), my daughter announced that she wanted to go to the next one (which was today) as Mimi Tachikawa, who is her favourite character. I was super excited that she had decided herself that she wanted to cosplay, since she’s all of five years old.

So, I spent the last few weeks putting together this Digimon cosplay for my daughter. (I am reluctant to have too many pics of my kids online, which is why I chose a photo where she was looking away from the camera. She did have brown gloves, but she’d taken them off by this point in the day because they were huuuge on her!)

The day was great, and since I made the dress intentionally large on her, I should be able to get at least one or two more conventions’ worth of use from it. The fact that children grow so fast is the only reason I was hesitant about making the outfit, but really, Mimi’s dress is super easy to make (I literally bought an XL mens’ t-shirt and sewed two lines down the sides so it fit her). The hard work was the hat, which actually fits me, so it should be good for the long haul!

I ran out of time before I managed to make a Tanemon for her to hold, or a digivice (or Tag and Crest, which is also a really tempting make), but I may well have a go at those ready for the next Demoncon in February!