mimi on the hoops


Sandwich Night countdown in effect!  I’m really looking forward to making sandwiches for people at my little stand in the corner.  This year it’ll be full-on vegan (so no aged goat cheese like in previous years) and possibly a “dessert sandwich.”  

Just want to talk about bread right from the start.  I prefer to get a great bakery bread and use my bread knife to cut as needed rather than a pre-cut loaf.  Lately I’m using a multigrain bread from Sullivan Street Bakery - they’re pricey but they opened up around the corner from me and they sell half-loaves.  A $3.25 half-loaf usually lasts me anywhere from 2 to 4 days so it seems kind of worth it.  If you want to go this route invest in a good bread knife.  I’ve had the same one for decades and it never has needed sharpening.  Why? Because I only cut bread with it.   Been tinkering this week with what ingredients I’m bringing to Sandwich Night so here’s a sandwich I made yesterday: hummus, avocado, kalamata olives, marinated artichoke hearts and collard leaves.   The olive oil from the artichoke hearts made it a little drippy but it was a yummy sandwich. See you Wednesday, Sandwich Night revelers! - Mimi on the Hoops

I get so unreasonably happy when I see TCGS people on Broad City. It’s such an amazing show and I love that they’ve been able to include all these incredibly talented people who deserve to be seen absolutely everywhere. The best thing is I’m sure that this is only a precursor to a future where we won’t be able to turn on the TV without seeing someone who got their start, or was featured heavily on TCGS.