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loosingmymindtothewalrus  asked:

For your snapchat brainstorm: What if there was Mama jirard snapping photos of him and hana baking cakes and cookies all the time and like shane takes videos of pbg and jared arguing over weither a shirt is pink or salmon

YES also

-Jared either sending the dog filter or 20-chinned photos depending on who it is

-Shane rarely uses it, but he likes taking pictures of people on campus and then drawing over them to make them look ridiculous

-Satch taking really nice photos (and really nice selfies) also posting updates on his VR project every once and a while

-Jirard always responding to people’s stories, asking them if they need anything, or congratulating them on stuff

-PBG snapchatting during class (and pretty much about his entire day)

-Jon would take videos of him and Jacques’ banter, as well as drama updates

-The Hidden boys’ stories get. Wild. During. Sleepovers.

-Jimmy using all the filters and being really cute and happy

-Caddy and Luke trying to take the most unflattering pictures of people possible

-Continue? boys posting videos of them doing weird crap and no one really understands it but they love watching the chaos

-Hana starts out really not taking selfies or anything, but after a while gets more confident thanks to her friends and s l a y i n g

-Mai secretly taking pictures of Jared, or Hana’s boy of choice, and sending it to Hana with the only caption being “ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”

-Wallid takes videos of people running and then places bee emojis all over it to make it look like they’re running from bees

-Mimi just literally posting drama and no one would really care enough to look at her snaps

-Kakusu never ever using it, but when she did the phone would usually malfunction,  making it look like her eyes were glowing for some strange, unknown reason.

-even Miss Shizuka would have one and use it often