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you just rip posts off twitter without even crediting the people that post them

I add the source all the time !!! If you just click on the source under the post you will be redirected to the original post or the page asap.And my posts end up on twitter more often than you think too:

But it’s ok I will assume you didn’t know ^^. 

give the digimon girls hobbies and personalities 2k16

- hikari collects music. she’s always in record stores and downloading new music on her phone and makes playlists for her friends all the time

- in addition to photography she also starts learning and gets really good at graphic design. she makes album covers for her playlists and eventually does like freelance work (in addition to teaching kindergarteners!!)

- sora is really into history and she’s always interjecting nerdy history facts in conversation. she knows japanese history the best, but also knows quite a bit about east asian history as well

- she watches soccer religiously and is one of those sports fans that yells at the tv when watching. imagine when taichi and sora are rooting for different teams skdhkshs

- mimi starts running track when she moves to america. she runs cross country track, and keeps up with running even when she moves back to the us

- mimi gets very connected to her culture when she moves to america. it’s hard on her to adjust to such a different place, and she finds comfort in small reminders of home. it makes her a lot more appreciative of things when she moves back home, though she finds herself missing things about america too

- meiko loves the outdoors. in canon, she spends time out in the woods as a kid, and living in the city is strange for her. she likes to go camping, hiking, swimming, and whatever else you can think of.

- she also loves baking. she’s not a very good cook, but she loves baking. she’s really good at it (and hikari loves being the tester, because she has a sweet tooth and meiko always has some new recipe to try)

Digimon Adventure Tri – Symbiosis (Part 5) Movie Premier

Aight so I had great seats and I was sitting with a friend so it was great because we were whispering ‘what the fuck’ and crying together. We had a group of us scattered throughout the cinema, so that was cool and we debated for two-three hours after the movie, and the next two days lol.

ALSO: It’s been a few days, emotions were high, my Japanese isn’t flawless, etc etc. I may be wrong, I may accidentally write ‘it was this’ when that’s subjective and not fact etc. Take everything with a grain of salt. I’ve covered pretty much everything, and I’m pretty sure most of it is correct and have noted where I think otherwise.

General opinion: Meiko’s story has gone on too long, and while it’s finally gotten good, it’s too little too late. However, considering everything that Toei has set up so far and what they have to work with, it was a good movie. I think it was better than movie 4, which is my least favourite, but not as good as others. Some moments were stupid and others did not get what they deserved. Ai Kotoba is beautiful and it’s really refreshing and just an all round lovely song.

Let’s get down to eleven pages of business!

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The very name ‘Mimi’ to Paul suggested a Noel Coward world of fur stoles and long cigarette-holders (though her real name was Mary, like his late mother’s, and she too had once been a nurse). Mimi, for her part, regarded everyone John brought home as a potential bad influence, to be set alongside her special bête noire, Pete Shotton. Paul fell into this category simply because he’d once lived in the social no-go area of Speke. ‘When I caught sight of him, when John brought him home for the first time, I thought “Oh-ho, look what the cat’s dragged in,”’ Mimi later recalled. ‘He seemed so much younger than John–and John was always picking up waifs and strays. I thought “Here we go again, John Lennon… another Shotton.”’

Even Paul’s immaculate manners could not thaw her. ‘Oh, yes, he was well-mannered–too well-mannered. He was what we call in Liverpool “talking posh” and I thought he was taking the mickey out of me. I thought “He’s a snake-charmer all right,” John’s little friend, Mr Charming. I wasn’t falling for it. After he’d gone, I said to John, “What are you doing with him? He’s younger than you… and he’s from Speke!”’

After that, when Paul appeared, she would always tell John sarcastically that his ‘little friend’ was here. ‘I used to tease John by saying “chalk and cheese”, meaning how different they were,’ she remembered, ‘and John would start hurling himself around the room like a wild dervish shouting “Chalkandcheese! Chalkandcheese!” with this stupid grin on his face.’

—  Philip Norman, Paul McCartney: The Life. (2016)
  • Sister: I wanna see Game Grumps play Super Paper Mario.
  • Me: The whole intro to that game is an hour long so their first episode would be as such. They would start off trying to do funny voices, but get bored half way through and start making up the story and what the characters are saying. Arin would probably use his old man voice for Merlin just to make a joke about how he poops himself every two minutes. For every new character that comes on screen, Danny would yell "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?" The two would eventually come up with some abstract reason that one of the partners looks like a dong. Danny would find Mimi attractive and would later lament "Don't you hate it when you're with a girl and she snaps her neck and turns into a horrifying spider monster? It's the worst."
  • Sister: ...Game Grumps is cancelled. We can go home now.
rivaereri secret santa

for @liieyn​ - I am your secret santa for the mutuals rivaereri ss!

“Present? For me, sir? But it’s your birthday!”

“I wanted to get something for my favorite maid.”

“But I’m you’re only maid, sir.”

I haven’t decided what’s in the box. A ring? A hamster? Who knows.

Top 10 of songs I got to know thanks to RPDR Queens

(It’s my current favorite list but it keeps changing. Also, the list could go on forever but I’ve decided to limit it to 10)

10. RAJA- Zubi Zubi Zubi (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hyW1vpYneA&list=PLkGMVxkqXPvI8-X8GitFa7ND4I8NrMfdO&index=25)

I usually don’t like Raja’s songs all that much (sorry baby! I’ll always love you the most ahaha) but this one is quite catchy and fun to sing and dance to.

9. Dear Santa, Bring Me A Man - Alaska, Courtney Act & Willam (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zudT4fu5cjc&list=PLkGMVxkqXPvI8-X8GitFa7ND4I8NrMfdO&index=10)

Don’t even ask me why but this song is quite addicting ahahah

The video is funny too.

8. Sharon Needles - This Club Is A Haunted House (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHgmcvyVoAA&index=3&list=PLkGMVxkqXPvI8-X8GitFa7ND4I8NrMfdO)

This is such a great song! And I quite enjoy Sharon’s voice.

7. MANILA LUZON feat JINKX MONSOON — BRING IT (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1OgczVqTDQ&list=PLkGMVxkqXPvI8-X8GitFa7ND4I8NrMfdO&index=36)

This song will SURELY get stuck in your head! Hahaha

6. Adore Delano - Give Me Tonight (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=–OMhva42Lg&index=24&list=PLkGMVxkqXPvI8-X8GitFa7ND4I8NrMfdO)

I always listen to Adore’s whole CD on repeat so it could really be any of her songs lol I’ve decided to link her newest music video.

5. Jinkx Monsoon - Creep (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRNzxMcJoU4&index=2&list=PLkGMVxkqXPvI8-X8GitFa7ND4I8NrMfdO)

Beautiful version of a beautiful song! For a while it was my all times favorite song from queens but after listening to it exhaustively it changes it’s position on the ranking a bit haha

4. Ginger Minj - Ooh Lala Lala (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gE52ZeVSYtU&list=PLkGMVxkqXPvI8-X8GitFa7ND4I8NrMfdO&index=51)

Such a catchy and upbeat song! I love it!

3. XELLE ft Mimi Imfurst Queen (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLqW6n29TYE&list=PLkGMVxkqXPvI8-X8GitFa7ND4I8NrMfdO&index=40)

This song is GREAT! And the music video is awesome, featuring many queens, totally worth a watch.

2. MNDR - Feed Me Diamonds [Featuring Raven] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmuT1qUFA4Y&list=PLkGMVxkqXPvI8-X8GitFa7ND4I8NrMfdO&index=6)

This one was at the top of my list for a long while. This song is perfection and the music video even more so. Simply stunning.

1. Violet Chachki - Vanguard (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxfdGearBtc&index=52&list=PLkGMVxkqXPvI8-X8GitFa7ND4I8NrMfdO)

I can’t stop listening to it. It’s a great song and the music video is a masterpiece.

BONUS: Phi Phi O'hara - Bitchy (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJNYaC_jlyk&index=46&list=PLkGMVxkqXPvI8-X8GitFa7ND4I8NrMfdO)