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Changes to the blog
So I finally redesigned Pastel Galaxy.
This is her new look. I honestly wasnt happy with her old look. So her new name Is StarGazer. I might change the name of the blog and the icon too some time soon. I still have some commissions and prizes to do so i will try to get those done soon, so I can do more asks. Also almost to 400 followers seriously like heck… Wow.

geeko-kat  asked:

middle school au! Where the hidden block and normal boots guys have a chicken nugget fight. No one survives. Not even hipster Shane or emo ian

Tears spring to Caddy’s eyes as he cradles Ian’s body. His eyeliner rimmed eyes are closed now. He clutches Ian’s unironic MCR shirt in his hands, howling to the heavens. Curse you, chicken nugget war. You have taken a good man.

Wiping tears from his face with the sleeve of his unironic monster energy drink hoodie, he readies his throwing arm. He would avenge his misunderstood friend.

The chicken nugget hits home. He sees his plaid shirt and beanie-clad enemy fall, but it’s a hollow victory. Nothing could bring back Ian. Not even a a signed Evanescence album.

“Caddy, why!” He snaps out of his grief filled stupor. He realises what he’s done.
Shane. He’d hit Shane with that chicken nugget.

He finds another chicken nugget in his fist. And this time, it’s pointed to himself. He flings it in his own direction.

The chicken nugget war has consumed yet another life.

“Oh my gosh Hana, they’re SOooo immature.” Mai reapplied her blue eyeshadow, tossing her hair at the boys moaning and throwing chicken nuggets.

“ew. No. Boys are gross.” Mimi flipped her hair as well.

Mai snapped shut her $2 LAcolors palate she’d bought from the local riteaid.

“Maybe you’re the immature one, Mimi.”

“I flipping hate you, Mai Sasaki.”

Hana gasped. Such language