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Pain and Grief

I don’t know what this AU is please don’t ask me.

Also yes, I’m still posting cause I sketched the entire week but I couldnt keep up with the dates, bear with meee

Based on my SAI file, this was made at… ‎January ‎21st…. takes me 8 months to finish the BG like seriously. I finished the charas months ago but stucked at BG and today I just go whatever I don’t care anymoarr just let me finish this thing! *crying* Oh well, it’s actually pretty neat after giving up on how-the-hell-I-draw-a-f*ckin’-flower-field and settle on let’s-try-to-copy-paste-this-flower-thing.

Pls ignore Mimi’s weird right hand

Sorry again for the big ass watermark :”D

But a little later, Meenah sneaks back over here, takes the boonbuck, and stashes it in her nautically themed, hot pink clam shell shaped purse, which we have never seen her rendered with, but is totally something that exists in the most canonical way possible. There, now you know.

If you don’t think the fact Meenah has a pink clam purse is the most adorable thing then we can’t be friends

okAY HERE’S YOUR ACTUAL BIRTHDAY PRESENT KIMMY Sorry it took longer than i thought (/o\)

Happy birthday buddy!! I would get more sentimental but that would be embarrassing ;; But anyway, you’re a really great person and I’m so glad I got the chance to know you and??? Ifdsho I feel really lucky to call you my best friend and yeaH i love u bby haha ok so uh take this drawing of your trickster eridan… genderbend design hidsgdstoe the colors were really fun to work with ;____;