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Digiotpweek  ➜ Marigold

Pain and Grief

I don’t know what this AU is please don’t ask me.

Also yes, I’m still posting cause I sketched the entire week but I couldnt keep up with the dates, bear with meee

Based on my SAI file, this was made at… ‎January ‎21st…. takes me 8 months to finish the BG like seriously. I finished the charas months ago but stucked at BG and today I just go whatever I don’t care anymoarr just let me finish this thing! *crying* Oh well, it’s actually pretty neat after giving up on how-the-hell-I-draw-a-f*ckin’-flower-field and settle on let’s-try-to-copy-paste-this-flower-thing.

Pls ignore Mimi’s weird right hand

Sorry again for the big ass watermark :”D