mimi art

A digital drawing of @veigar-the-evil-yordle (my veigar rp blog) and @assistant-of-evil (Mimi)

Mimi had send in a beautifully written submission on my veigar blog a while ago which ended in a kiss between the warlock and the witch. I couldn’t pass on this as an opportunity to draw something as fluffy as this :D

Yesterday was Super Paper Mario’s 10th anniversary as I stated with those doodles last night
This is what I was hoping to finish but I got too tired so I finished it today.
Best villains in the Mario series.
Best villains ever.

This game means so much to me though. I mean the entire Paper Mario series is, but each of the first three had their own special place in my life and this one was no exception, no matter how divisive it was. Here’s hoping they can capture that magic again in the future.