mimi art


TODOMOMO CHILDREN ///because my shipper heart needs them

The first one, Todoroki Mimi, is designed by me while the other three (Rei, Hino and the lil gurl) are made by the gorgeous @akeemi-art, I just wanted to draw these cutie pies

Pls check out her arts! She’s A M A Z I N G

You want to see more of my drawing stuff? Just click on the tag “myart” / “my art”

@thatsthat24 I do okay art sometimes lol and I got new charcoal pencils which are👌👌👌
Also I’m getting my first tattoo today and I’m vvv excited but also worried bc I’m not too stellar with pain.

Love you Thomas, I hope you’re doing well!! Please keep updating on how Joan’s doing I’m worried about them and just wanna make sure they’re okay❤