mimi 02

Let’s talk about the Chosen Children’s Careers in the Epilogue for a second

Okay so out of the 12 I’m actually very happy with 5 of them and can tolerate 3 of them

Jyou becoming a doctor - okay duh we all knew this was coming, A+

Koushiro becoming a digital world researcher - This is basically the only job they could have possibly given him, A+

Miyako becoming a stay at home mom - sort of an unpopular opinion but I love stay at home mom Miyako. I think it’s really cute and she’d be really good at it. I also think it is a huge step forward for her character. Throughout the show she is seen to be kind of selfish. She indicates that she’d like fewer siblings and doesn’t want to help out at her families business, but then she grows up to give everything she is and has to her family. I think that is really wonderful and honestly it’s one of my favourite Chosen Children Career Choices! A+++

Ken becoming a police officer - this kid has a strong sense of justice and a very strong desire to protect people from evil. This job makes a lot of sense for him. In my opinion it also gives a nice conclusion to his relationship with Iori. Iori did not like Ken and could not forgive him for what he had done because he also had a very strong sense of justice which came from the history he had with his father who was a police officer, A+

Iori becoming a criminal defense attorney - this career is actually very well thought out. Iori has a very strong sense of justice and really dislikes people who have done wrong. He is unable to forgive them or see how they could have been corrupted and show sympathy for them. However this begins to change as he gets to know Ken and really changes once he learns Oikawa’s history. He is the only one who stays back to try to help Oikawa reach his dream of entering the digital world after the battle with MaloMyotismon. To have him end up as a defense attorney shows how much this child’s views of the world have changed, they are no longer black and white & good and evil. A+ 

Hikari becoming a teacher - this seems perfectly reasonable

Daisuke having a Ramen Cart - He says he wants to do that near the end of 02 and who am I to argue with him… 

Takeru becoming a novelist - I know a lot of people dislike this one but his mom is shown to be a journalist so I don’t think it’s too weird to have her son follow in her footsteps after growing up watching her write for so long… plus you can’t say he doesn’t have endless amounts of material to write about… also he was the youngest of the original seven so it makes sense that he would be the one to write about the digital world since he was looking at it with the widest and most innocent eyes… I’m not saying it’s perfect but I don’t hate it either

As for the other four, I honestly don’t hate the careers but feel they have been horribly mismatched with their respective children. Like somewhere in the writing process there was a game of broken telephone and the wrong careers ended up with the wrong kids

Taichi becoming an ambassador to mediate between the Digital and Human worlds - this should have been Sora’s career! She spent most of the show mediating between Taichi and Yamato and calming everyone down, she is pretty perfect for this position 

Sora becoming a fashion designer - pretty no brainer that this should have been Mimi’s career

Mimi becoming a cook - Ya this should have been Yamato’s career… he’s been shown to be a good cook and that he enjoys cooking

Yamato becoming an astronaut - This should have been Taichi’s career!!!! He was the one with the telescope in Adventure, he was the one with the pilot goggles indicating an interest in flying and piloting an aircraft. Plus he has a huge love for exploring which is seen pretty clearly in Adventure. This job, in my opinion, is absolutely perfect for Taichi and I will forever be upset that they gave it to Yamato, fucken Yamato, are you fucken serious, fucken Yamato

Just wanted to get this out there. It mainly stemmed from the fact that I’m really annoyed that Yamato became an astronaut instead of Taichi, seriously never ever getting over that. Never ever ever!! Seriously if Taichi had of ended up an astronaut that would have been so wonderfully foreshadowed throughout the series, because he could lead his crew into unknown worlds and discover new things and just AAAAHHHHHHHH he’d be like fucken Captain Kirk OH MY FUCKEN GOD